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(Johnson), Peter David Townsend (i682) (living status unknown)
(Johnson), Richard John Townsend (i669), b.1904-d.1978


?, 1 (i1013) (living status unknown)
?, 2 (i1014) (living status unknown)
?, 2nd Wife (marriage to Henry Potter) (i618) (living status unknown)
?, ? (i768)
?, ? (i795) (living status unknown)
?, ? (i819) (living status unknown)
?, ? (marriage to John (Long John) Davis) (i1725)
?, Agnes (marriage to Charles Douglas Wright) (i2183), b.1843-d.1861
?, Alfred (i1695) (living status unknown)
?, Alice (marriage to Edwin James Townsend) (i1858), b.1872-
?, Amanda (i1699) (still alive)
?, Ann (marriage to Edward Bursnal) (i914), b.1707-
?, Ann (marriage to James Cornish) (i2157), b.1810-
?, Ann (marriage to John James Stapleton) (i949), b.1850-
?, Ann (marriage to Richard Berridge) (i900), b.1771-
?, Anne (marriage to Thomas Honeychurch) (i1122)
?, Annie (marriage to Robert Holcombe) (i1878), b.1863-
?, Annie S (marriage to Walter J Townsend) (i1539), b.1880-
?, Ashley (i796) (living status unknown)
?, Betty Evelyn (i1689) (living status unknown)
?, Charlotte (marriage to Harry Townsend) (i1528), b.1858-
?, Charlotte (marriage to William Watt) (i419) (living status unknown)
?, Clara (marriage to Alfred Albert Shaw) (i2135), b.1861-
?, Clara (marriage to Ernest F Townsend) (i1537), b.1878-
?, Clele (marriage to Robert Bruce Gardiner) (i1380)
?, Dorotha (marriage to George Stapleton) (i1639), b.1854-
?, Dorothy (marriage to Harold Odam) (i1222)
?, Eliza Jane (marriage to Wilson Haines) (i2148)
?, Elizabeth (marriage to Frederick Thomas Allatt) (i1861)
?, Elizabeth (marriage to John Crook) (i2154)
?, Elizabeth (marriage to Peter Orme) (i1282)
?, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Mason) (i934), b.1581-
?, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Townsend) (i1553), b.1844-
?, Elizabeth (marriage to William Davis) (i1570)
?, Elizabeth (marriage to William Smith) (i1903), b.1813-
?, Elizabeth Farquarson (marriage to ? Stewart) (i620)
?, Emma (marriage to James E Patterson) (i1166) (living status unknown)
?, Emma (marriage to John Burrows) (i1436), b.1819-
?, Fanny (marriage to Robert Stapleton) (i965), b.1831-
?, Frederick (i592) (living status unknown)
?, Graham (i1018) (living status unknown)
?, Jane (marriage to David Edwin Burrows) (i1741), b.1853-
?, Jane (marriage to Frank Townsend) (i1541), b.1873-
?, Jane (marriage to John Coombe(s)) (i1111), b.1802-d.1862
?, Jane (marriage to John Skinner) (i1959)
?, Janet (marriage to Robert Penman) (i1312) (living status unknown)
?, Jean (marriage to Alexander Penman) (i339), b.1828-
?, Jeanie (marriage to Albert Edward Aston) (i1045) (living status unknown)
?, Jennie (marriage to Albert Nicholas (Pat) Davis) (i716) (living status unknown)
?, Joan (marriage to Ernest H Gilbert) (i579) (living status unknown)
?, Joanne (i770) (living status unknown)
?, John (i613) (living status unknown)
?, Ken (i593) (living status unknown)
?, Kirsten (i414) (still alive)
?, Lawrence Arthur (i1688) (living status unknown)
?, Louisa (marriage to James William Townsend) (i657), b.1879-
?, Luke (i1019) (living status unknown)
?, Margaret (marriage to Henry Potter) (i611) (living status unknown)
?, Margaret (marriage to John Eggo) (i1785)
?, Margaret (marriage to William (Bill) John Coombes) (i590) (living status unknown)
?, Marianne (marriage to William Stanger) (i1349), b.1857-
?, Mary (marriage to George Townsend) (i1494), b.1824-
?, Mary (marriage to Henry Blamey) (i1295), b.1867-
?, Mary (marriage to James Innes) (i1776), b.1834-
?, Mary (marriage to Jeremiah Stapleton) (i1728)
?, Mary (marriage to John Newbold) (i904), b.1744-d.1781
?, Mary (marriage to John Patterson) (i2191)
?, Mary (marriage to John Roach) (i1655), b.1815-
?, Mary (marriage to Thomas Honeychurch) (i1120), b.1816-
?, Mary (marriage to William Robert Burrows) (i1733)
?, Mary A (marriage to Mark Townsend) (i1500), b.1828-
?, Mary Ann (marriage to James Horsham Odam) (i2093), b.1850-
?, Mother (marriage to Father Morgan) (i375)
?, Peter (i1012) (living status unknown)
?, Phyllis (marriage to Thomas Edwin (Ted) Davis) (i68)
?, Reiner (i413) (still alive)
?, Rose A (marriage to Thomas Townsend) (i1533), b.1864-
?, Sarah (marriage to Henry Townsend) (i1508), b.1839-
?, Sarah (marriage to John Roach) (i1657)
?, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Brewer) (i1892)
?, Sarah Emily (marriage to Samuel John Brooks) (i1832)
?, Son (i614) (living status unknown)
?, Son (i615) (living status unknown)
?, Son (i616) (living status unknown)
?, Son (i820) (living status unknown)
?, Susanna E (marriage to John Burrows) (i1491), b.1851-
?, Violet Emily (marriage to Henry James Townsend) (i671) (living status unknown)


?? (i1203) (living status unknown)


Ahearne, Eddie (i816) (living status unknown)
Ahearne, Eddie (marriage to Kay Stubberfield) (i816) (living status unknown)
Ahearne, Jane (i818) (still alive)
Ahearne, Mark (i817) (still alive)


Aitken, Euphemia (i118), b.1867-
Aitken, Euphemia (marriage to Daniel McLaren Penman) (i118), b.1867-
Aitken, Margaret (i1210), b.1869-
Aitken, William (i1208)


Allatt, Elizabeth (i1859), b.1873-d.1953
Allatt, Elizabeth (marriage to William Odam) (i1859), b.1873-d.1953
Allatt, Frederick Thomas (i1860)


Allday, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Harris) (i1828), b.1811-


Anderson?, Jane (marriage to John Hardie) (i1519)


Ann (marriage to William Barnaby) (i2125)
Annie (marriage to George Stapleton) (i1649) (living status unknown)


Arnold, Ruth (marriage to Maurice Charles Brown) (i699)


Aston, Albert Edward (i1044), b.1847-
Aston, Clara (i1046), b.1876-
Aston, John (i1042), b.1788-
Aston, Matilda (i1039), b.1844-d.1924
Aston, Matilda (marriage to William Odam) (i1039), b.1844-d.1924


Atkinson, Caroline (i1750), b.1863-
Atkinson, John (i1746), b.1824-
Atkinson, John (marriage to Harriet C Webb) (i1746), b.1824-
Atkinson, Kate (i1745), b.1858-
Atkinson, Kate (marriage to Harry Townrow Burrows) (i1745), b.1858-
Atkinson, Louisa (i1751), b.1850-
Atkinson, Mary A (i1752), b.1848-
Atkinson, William (i1749), b.1861-


Ayal, Child 1 (i432) (living status unknown)
Ayal, Child 2 (i433) (living status unknown)
Ayal, Paul (i426) (living status unknown)


Back, Ada Louisa (i2082), b.1870-
Back, Alfred (i2081), b.1843-
Back, Alfred (marriage to Sarah Jane Odam) (i2081), b.1843-
Back, Caroline (i2092), b.1880-
Back, Emma J (i2091), b.1876-
Back, Helen (i2090), b.1873-
Back, Lydia Jane (i2083), b.1868-


Baker, Ann (marriage to John Coombe(s)) (i1333), b.1824-


Bank, J (marriage to Jane Hunter Watt) (i394) (living status unknown)


Barbour, James (i1231), b.1839-
Barbour, James (i1238), b.1886-
Barbour, Janet (i1232), b.1842-
Barbour, Jessie (i1239), b.1890-
Barbour, John (i1035), b.1812-d.1900
Barbour, John (i1230), b.1837-
Barbour, John (i1236), b.1880-
Barbour, John (i1253), b.1773-d.1849
Barbour, John (marriage to Marjory King) (i1035), b.1812-d.1900
Barbour, Margaret King (i1031), b.1856-d.1942
Barbour, Margaret King (marriage to Henry Odam) (i1031), b.1856-d.1942
Barbour, Margaret Wallace (i1235), b.1879-d.1950
Barbour, Marjory (i1229), b.1835-
Barbour, Peter (i1257), b.1692-
Barbour, Peter (i1263), b.1728-
Barbour, Peter (i1265), b.1779-d.1805
Barbour, Peter (marriage to Elizabeth Caldwell) (i1257), b.1692-
Barbour, Robert (i1233), b.1848-
Barbour, Robert (i1255), b.1738-d.1815
Barbour, Thomas (i1228), b.1853-
Barbour, Thomas (i1237), b.1883-
Barbour, Thomas Craig (i1559), b.1865-
Barbour, William (i1240), b.1891-
Barbour, William (i1727), b.1846-


Bardwell, Nelson George (i1973), b.1774-d.1864
Bardwell, Nelson George (marriage to Elizabeth James) (i1973), b.1774-d.1864
Bardwell, Richard (i1974)


Barnaby, Anne H (i2128) (living status unknown)
Barnaby, Edwin Wright (i2121), b.1884-
Barnaby, Edwin Wright (marriage to Florence Barnaby) (i2121), b.1884-
Barnaby, Emily (i2120), b.1879-
Barnaby, Emily J (i2126) (living status unknown)
Barnaby, Fanny Mabel (i2117), b.1875-
Barnaby, Florence (i2122), b.1876-
Barnaby, Florence (marriage to Edwin Wright Barnaby) (i2122), b.1876-
Barnaby, Florence Mable (i2123) (living status unknown)
Barnaby, Francis (i2116), b.1840-
Barnaby, Francis (marriage to Fanny Wright) (i2116), b.1840-
Barnaby, Frank Charles (i2118), b.1876-
Barnaby, George (i2131), b.1833-
Barnaby, Joseph (i2129)
Barnaby, Mary (i2119), b.1878-
Barnaby, Robert (i2132), b.1837-
Barnaby, Walter G (i2127) (living status unknown)
Barnaby, William (i2124), b.1836-


Barrett, John (marriage to Mary Skinner) (i1676) (living status unknown)


Bartlet, ? (i636) (living status unknown)
Bartlet, Aileen (i637) (still alive)


Bartlett, Jean, nee McDougal (marriage to Alexander Gerard Fraser) (i488) (living status unknown)


Barton, Miriam (marriage to Thomas Slaney) (i1097), b.1849-


Bates, Alison (i809) (still alive)
Bates, Andrea (i808) (still alive)
Bates, Julia (i810) (living status unknown)
Bates, Kevin (i806) (still alive)
Bates, Ron (i805), d.2004
Bates, Ron (marriage to Pat Stubberfield) (i805), d.2004


Bealey, Elizabeth (marriage to George Schmidt) (i1956), b.1848-


Beaton, Alan (i469) (living status unknown)
Beaton, Child (i471) (living status unknown)
Beaton, Child 3 (i474) (living status unknown)
Beaton, Child 4 (i475) (living status unknown)
Beaton, David (i476) (living status unknown)
Beaton, Dennis (i468) (living status unknown)
Beaton, Shirley (i472) (living status unknown)


Bennett, Duane Paul (i227) (living status unknown)
Bennett, Karen Elizabeth (i228), b.1969-d.1992
Bennett, Kate Elizabeth (i223) (living status unknown)
Bennett, Kenneth Charles (i219) (living status unknown)
Bennett, Meghan Louise (i225) (living status unknown)
Bennett, Morgan James (i224) (living status unknown)
Bennett, Raewyn Leah (i226) (living status unknown)
Bennett, Stuart Donal (i221) (living status unknown)


Berridge, Dorothy (i885), b.1791-
Berridge, Dorothy (marriage to George Stapleton) (i885), b.1791-
Berridge, Richard (i899), b.1767-


Berry, Amy Ethel (i2110), b.1900-
Berry, Ernest George (i2108), b.1874-
Berry, Ernest George (marriage to Annie Esther Townsend) (i2108), b.1874-
Berry, Ernest George (marriage to Matilda Amy Townsend) (i2108), b.1874-
Berry, Gabriel Edward George (i2111), b.1905-
Berry, George Henry (i2109)
Berry, Valentine Ernest (i2113), b.1911-


Blake, Samuel (marriage to Dorothy May Townsend) (i1205) (living status unknown)


Blamey, Ann (i1033), b.1819-d.1891
Blamey, Ann (i1177), b.1856-
Blamey, Ann (marriage to Henry Odam) (i1033), b.1819-d.1891
Blamey, Annie E (i1292), b.1891-
Blamey, Caroline (i1173), b.1823-
Blamey, Daniel (i1175), b.1821-
Blamey, Dorothy M (i1296), b.1892-
Blamey, Frances E M (i1293), b.1885-
Blamey, Henry (i1287), b.1858-
Blamey, James (i1171), d.1850
Blamey, James (i1174), b.1825-
Blamey, James (marriage to Mary Perkins) (i1174), b.1825-
Blamey, James R (i1294), b.1888-
Blamey, Louisa Kate (i1288), b.1865-
Blamey, Marjorie E (i1297), b.1896-
Blamey, Mary (i1289), b.1860-
Blamey, William (i1290), b.1857-


Bonnyman, Andrew Leslie (i790) (still alive)
Bonnyman, Jamie (i788) (still alive)
Bonnyman, John (Jock) (i785) (living status unknown)
Bonnyman, Karen (i789) (still alive)
Bonnyman, Leslie J (i786) (still alive)
Bonnyman, Neil (i1562) (still alive)


Borrowman, Mary (marriage to Alexander Penman) (i85), b.1781-


Bradley, Diana (marriage to Charles Mace) (i1179)


Brewer, Sarah (i1810), b.1745-
Brewer, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Townsend) (i1810), b.1745-
Brewer, Thomas (i1891)


Brooks, Annie Eliza (i1831) (living status unknown)
Brooks, Daphne P (i792) (still alive)
Brooks, Ethel Heather (i784) (still alive)
Brooks, John Edwin (i783), b.1896-
Brooks, John Edwin (marriage to Ethel Beatrice Schmidt) (i783), b.1896-
Brooks, Samuel John (i1830)


Brotherton, Caroline (i872) (living status unknown)
Brotherton, Dave (i871) (living status unknown)


Brown, Alistair Geoffrey (i154) (living status unknown)
Brown, Andrew Philip (i700) (living status unknown)
Brown, Elizabeth (marriage to Edward T Patterson) (i1168), b.1857-
Brown, Frederick (i149) (living status unknown)
Brown, Frederick Paul (i150) (living status unknown)
Brown, Marianne Louise (i152) (living status unknown)
Brown, Maurice Charles (i698)
Brown, Philip Charles (i697) (living status unknown)
Brown, Victoria Jane (i701) (living status unknown)


Bulled, Ann Hill (marriage to George Odam Roll(Rowle)) (i1874), b.1857-


Burnett, Jean (marriage to Andrew Penman) (i1307)


Burrows, Agnes J (i1739), b.1887-
Burrows, Alice (i1608), b.1844-d.1871
Burrows, Alice M (i1737), b.1883-
Burrows, Allen C (i1744), b.1880-
Burrows, Ann L (i1736), b.1880-
Burrows, Anne Eliza (i1155), b.1857-
Burrows, Anne Eliza (marriage to John Thomas Patterson) (i1155), b.1857-
Burrows, Arthur (i1485), b.1854-
Burrows, Arthur Henry (i1488), b.1860-
Burrows, Bertha K (i1748), b.1882-
Burrows, Bertha Regina (i2004), b.1860-
Burrows, Charles (i1611), b.1855-
Burrows, David Edwin (i1438), b.1850-
Burrows, Eliza (i1882), b.1819-
Burrows, Elizabeth Ann (i1992), b.1845-
Burrows, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to Emanuel Manning) (i1992), b.1845-
Burrows, Emma (i1735), b.1876-
Burrows, Emma (i2017), b.1817-
Burrows, Emma (marriage to John Powells) (i2017), b.1817-
Burrows, Frederick John (i1489), b.1853-
Burrows, George (i1995), b.1834-d.1857
Burrows, Happy (i1993), b.1848-d.1920
Burrows, Happy (marriage to George Manning) (i1993), b.1848-d.1920
Burrows, Harry Townrow (i1490), b.1857-
Burrows, Harry Townrow (marriage to Kate Atkinson) (i1490), b.1857-
Burrows, Henry (i1479), b.1825-
Burrows, Henry (i1989), b.1832-d.1835
Burrows, Henry (i1996), b.1836-d.1859
Burrows, Hepzibah? (i1626), b.1841-
Burrows, Herbert (i2012), b.1894-
Burrows, John (i1435), b.1821-
Burrows, John (i1612), b.1858-
Burrows, John (i1734), b.1873-
Burrows, John J (i1610), b.1850-
Burrows, Laura (i1422), b.1864-
Burrows, Louisa L (i1419), b.1856-
Burrows, Louisa L (marriage to Walter Cooper) (i1419), b.1856-
Burrows, Lucy Elizabeth (i1625), b.1839-
Burrows, Mable (i1742), b.1875-
Burrows, Mahala (i1624), b.1837-
Burrows, Mary Ann (i1623), b.1835-
Burrows, Mary Ann (i1990), b.1838-
Burrows, Mary Ann (i2021)
Burrows, Mary Ann (marriage to John Payne) (i1990), b.1838-
Burrows, Minnie Round (i1420), b.1861-
Burrows, Minnie Round (marriage to William Hughes) (i1420), b.1861-
Burrows, Nathaniel (i1987), b.1804-d.1853
Burrows, Oliver (i1423), b.1866-
Burrows, Robert (i1417), b.1830-d.1886
Burrows, Robert (i1484), b.1852-
Burrows, Robert (marriage to Emma Lightbourne) (i1417), b.1830-d.1886
Burrows, Rose L (i1738), b.1885-
Burrows, Samuel (i1480), b.1827-
Burrows, Samuel (i2015), b.1809-
Burrows, Sarah (i1483), b.1850-
Burrows, Sarah (i2018), b.1800-
Burrows, Sarah (marriage to Alfred Perrine) (i1483), b.1850-
Burrows, Sarah Ann (i1991), b.1843-
Burrows, Sophia (i1481), b.1834-
Burrows, Stanley (i1743), b.1877-
Burrows, William (i1319), b.1806-d.1893
Burrows, William (i1434), b.1796-d.1874
Burrows, William (i1478), b.1817-
Burrows, William (i1740), b.1880-
Burrows, William (i1994), b.1828-
Burrows, William (i1997), b.1831-d.1831
Burrows, William (i1998), b.1840-d.1842
Burrows, William (i2013), b.1765-d.1846
Burrows, William (i2022)
Burrows, William (marriage to Alice Ann Stanger) (i1319), b.1806-d.1893
Burrows, William (marriage to Sarah Cornish) (i1434), b.1796-d.1874
Burrows, William C (i1609), b.1849-
Burrows, William Robert (i1437), b.1847-


Bursnal, Edward (i913), b.1703-
Bursnal, Elizabeth (i908) (living status unknown)


Buswell, Annie (i1722), b.1894-
Buswell, Constance (i1721), b.1892-
Buswell, Constance (marriage to William Davis) (i1721), b.1892-
Buswell, Elizabeth (i1723), b.1896-
Buswell, Florence (i1716), b.1901-
Buswell, Florence (marriage to Frank Crofts) (i1716), b.1901-
Buswell, Maud M (i1724), b.1898-
Buswell, Thomas (i1577), b.1856-
Buswell, Thomas (i1720), b.1890-
Buswell, Thomas (marriage to Maria Davis) (i1577), b.1856-


Butterfield?, Ann (marriage to Joseph Harris) (i1301), b.1783-


Caldwell, Elizabeth (i1258), b.1701-d.1762
Caldwell, Elizabeth (marriage to Peter Barbour) (i1258), b.1701-d.1762
Caldwell, Janet (i1803), b.1708-
Caldwell, William (i1261), b.1675-
Caldwell, William (i1802), b.1700-


Campbell, David (i178) (living status unknown)
Campbell, Ian Mitchell (i179) (living status unknown)
Campbell, James (i1212), b.1863-
Campbell, John (i1211) (living status unknown)
Campbell, Shona Elizabeth (i180) (living status unknown)


Car, Jean (marriage to William Caldwell) (i1262), b.1679-


Carter, Alyx Jo (i570) (still alive)
Carter, James L R (i569) (still alive)
Carter, Jamie Louise (i1622) (still alive)


Catlin, Frances Marion (i1325), b.1873-
Catlin, Frances Marion (marriage to James William Townsend) (i1325), b.1873-
Catlin, Sage Augustus (i2107)


Catterer, Albert (i2171)
Catterer, Albert (marriage to Emma Cornish) (i2171)
Catterer, Emma Ann (i2172)


Chapman, Ann (i1947), b.1801-
Chapman, Edmund (i1945), b.1807-
Chapman, Elisabeth (i1942), b.1803-
Chapman, Ethel (i1801), b.1881-
Chapman, Florence (i1799), b.1883-
Chapman, George (i1798), b.1853-
Chapman, John (i1943), b.1805-
Chapman, Joseph (i1940)
Chapman, Joseph (i1948), b.1798-
Chapman, Joseph (marriage to Susanna Odam) (i1940)
Chapman, Lothe (i1800), b.1887-
Chapman, Mary (i1941), b.1800-
Chapman, Susanna (i1946), b.1810-
Chapman, William (i1944), b.1797-


Chapple, Sarah (marriage to John Odam) (i1383), b.1780-d.1863


Christie, Alexander (i1515)
Christie, Alexander (marriage to Ann Philp) (i1515)
Christie, Anne (i83), b.1806-d.1886
Christie, Anne (marriage to William Penman) (i83), b.1806-d.1886
Christie, Anne (marriage to William Young) (i83), b.1806-d.1886
Christie, Grizel (i1548), b.1807-
Christie, Helen (i1549), b.1800-
Christie, James (i1550), b.1797-


Cole, Frances (i1459), b.1690-
Cole, Frances (marriage to Thomas Skinner) (i1459), b.1690-
Cole, Robert (i1661)
Cole, Robert (i1662), b.1686-d.1686


Coleman, Patricia Geraldine (marriage to Rex James Hotchkiss) (i1274) (living status unknown)


Cook, Ann (marriage to Thomas Davis) (i1566), b.1773-


Coombe(s), Ann (i1113), b.1835-
Coombe(s), Elizabeth (i1114), b.1838-d.1890
Coombe(s), Elizabeth (marriage to John Hopkins) (i1114), b.1838-d.1890
Coombe(s), Jane (i1112), b.1832-
Coombe(s), John (i1110), b.1797-d.1874
Coombe(s), John (i1332), b.1824-
Coombe(s), John (marriage to Mary Coombe(s)) (i2055), b.1831-d.1908
Coombe(s), Mary (i1393), b.1829-d.1882
Coombe(s), Robert (i2063), b.1826-
Coombe(s), Selina (i1115), b.1843-
Coombe(s), William (i1065), b.1840-d.1888
Coombe(s), William (i1117), b.1848-
Coombe(s), William (i1394), b.1770-d.1849
Coombe(s), William (marriage to Elizabeth Roach) (i1065), b.1840-d.1888
Coombe(s), William (marriage to Mary Jane Honeychurch) (i1117), b.1848-


Coombes, Agnes (i1382) (living status unknown)
Coombes, Agnes Alice (i1356), b.1905-d.1995
Coombes, Alice (i591) (living status unknown)
Coombes, Alice (i1069), b.1875-
Coombes, Alice Maud (i596), b.1896-
Coombes, Alice Maud (marriage to Reginald Herbert Frederick Potter) (i596), b.1896-
Coombes, Annie (i576), b.1898-
Coombes, Annie (marriage to Ernest J (Algie) Gilbert) (i576), b.1898-
Coombes, Child (i1818)
Coombes, Child (i1819)
Coombes, Clifford (i1362) (still alive)
Coombes, Daughter 1 (i594) (living status unknown)
Coombes, Daughter 2 (i595) (living status unknown)
Coombes, Dawn (i1366) (still alive)
Coombes, Dorothy Elizabeth (i14) (still alive)
Coombes, Edith A (i1106), b.1899-d.1996
Coombes, Elizabeth Harriet (Lizzie) (i581), b.1887-
Coombes, Elizabeth Harriet (Lizzie) (marriage to James Dearlove) (i581), b.1887-
Coombes, Emma (i1339), b.1863-
Coombes, Harriet (i1334), b.1851-
Coombes, Harry (i1068), b.1870-
Coombes, John (i37), b.1893-d.1966
Coombes, John (i574), b.1863-d.1936
Coombes, John (marriage to Dorothy Jean Adelaide Davis) (i37), b.1893-d.1966
Coombes, John (marriage to Elizabeth Harriet Middleton) (i574), b.1863-d.1936
Coombes, Katie (i1365) (still alive)
Coombes, Marjorie Louise (Lindy) (i40), b.1932-d.2017
Coombes, Mary J (Pollie) (i1335), b.1857-
Coombes, Maud (i1070), b.1878-
Coombes, Maud M (i1107), b.1897-d.1992
Coombes, Patricia Honor (i39) (still alive)
Coombes, Rachel (i1364) (still alive)
Coombes, Sarah (i1363) (still alive)
Coombes, Sarah Ann (i1336), b.1849-
Coombes, Thomas (i1104), b.1880-
Coombes, Thomas (i1116), b.1821-
Coombes, Thomas (marriage to Mary Skinner) (i1116), b.1821-
Coombes, William (i1337), b.1855-
Coombes, William (Bill) John (i589), b.1923-d.1986
Coombes, William George (i1108), b.1896-d.1979
Coombes, William Thomas (i587), b.1891-
Coombes, William Thomas (i1067), b.1867-d.1933
Coombes, William Thomas (marriage to Alice Jane Webb) (i587), b.1891-
Coombes, Winifred Mary (i1109), b.1893-d.1979


Cooper, Henry (i1430), b.1888-
Cooper, Walter (i1428), b.1856-
Cooper, Walter (i1429), b.1888-
Cooper, Walter (marriage to Louisa L Burrows) (i1428), b.1856-


Cornish, Charles (i2170), b.1837-
Cornish, Eliza (i2168), b.1833-
Cornish, Emma (i2158), b.1830-
Cornish, Emma (marriage to Albert Catterer) (i2158), b.1830-
Cornish, Frederick (i2167), b.1831-
Cornish, George (i2165), b.1825-
Cornish, James (i1617), b.1794-
Cornish, James (i2162)
Cornish, John (i1614), b.1771-d.1847
Cornish, John (i1616), b.1796-
Cornish, Martha Ann (i2169), b.1834-
Cornish, Phoebe (i2166), b.1829-
Cornish, Robert (i2161)
Cornish, Robert (i2163), b.1795-
Cornish, Sarah (i1477), b.1791-d.1843
Cornish, Sarah (marriage to William Burrows) (i1477), b.1791-d.1843
Cornish, William (i2160), b.1821-


Coulter, David (i529) (living status unknown)
Coulter, David (i876) (living status unknown)
Coulter, Paul (i877) (living status unknown)


Cox, Jane (marriage to John Stone) (i1026)


Crawford, ? (i76) (still alive)
Crawford, ? (i77) (still alive)
Crawford, Alan John (i304) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Angela Jane (i30) (still alive)
Crawford, Archibald (i29) (still alive)
Crawford, Claire Vivienne (i31) (still alive)
Crawford, Daniel Lee (i273) (living status unknown)
Crawford, David Ernest (i266) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Geoffrey Ian (i271) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Joyce Alison (i258) (still alive)
Crawford, Judith Ann (i260) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Kenneth Raymond Eric (i309) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Lawrence Alan (i262) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Martin David (i306) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Michael Archibald (i28) (still alive)
Crawford, Michael James (i268) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Nathan James (i270) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Olivia Marie (i274) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Richard Steven (i305) (living status unknown)
Crawford, Russell Eric (i264) (still alive)
Crawford, Stuart Walker Ernest (i307) (living status unknown)
Crawford, William Ernest Hunter (i254) (living status unknown)
Crawford, William Ernest Hunter (marriage to Annetta Dunn Penman) (i254) (living status unknown)


Crickmore, Mary Ann (marriage to Samuel Burrows) (i2016) (living status unknown)


Crofts, Frank (i1718), b.1899-
Crofts, Frank (marriage to Florence Buswell) (i1718), b.1899-
Crofts, John (i1717) (still alive)


Crook, Alice (i1967), b.1803-
Crook, Alice (marriage to John Lightbourne) (i1967), b.1803-
Crook, John (i2153)
Crook, Mary (marriage to John Skinner) (i891), b.1724-


Crump, Andy (i1010) (living status unknown)
Crump, Paige (i1011) (living status unknown)


Cuthell, Elizabeth (i343), b.1811-
Cuthell, Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel McLaren) (i343), b.1811-
Cuthell, Robert (i1765)


Dalby, John (i942), b.1819-
Dalby, John (marriage to Mary Ann Stapleton) (i942), b.1819-
Dalby, Thomas (i1714)


Darlington, Brian (i72) (still alive)
Darlington, Raymond (i70) (still alive)
Darlington, Susan (i73) (still alive)
Darlington, Wendy (i74) (still alive)


Davey, Alison (i293) (living status unknown)
Davey, Denis Robert (i259) (living status unknown)
Davey, Matthew Robert (i292) (living status unknown)
Davey, Robert Denis (i290) (living status unknown)


Davis, Albert Nicholas (Pat) (i715), b.1887-
Davis, Alwyn (i71)
Davis, Ann (i1572), b.1859-
Davis, Ann (i1586)
Davis, Ann (marriage to Henry Townsend) (i1085), b.1792-d.1832
Davis, Annie (i707), b.1879-
Davis, Annie (marriage to William James Sharp) (i707), b.1879-
Davis, Dorothy Jean Adelaide (i38), b.1900-d.1989
Davis, Dorothy Jean Adelaide (marriage to John Coombes) (i38), b.1900-d.1989
Davis, Elizabeth (i1573), b.1852-
Davis, Elizabeth (i1584)
Davis, Elizabeth (marriage to William Moore) (i1573), b.1852-
Davis, Elizabeth Annette (i722), b.1884-
Davis, George William (i1440), b.1886-
Davis, Herbert (i1561), b.1904-
Davis, Holly (i743) (living status unknown)
Davis, Ian (i740) (living status unknown)
Davis, Ivy (i717) (living status unknown)
Davis, Ivy Reana (i1560), b.1906-
Davis, Jack Townsend (i75), b.1903-d.1982
Davis, Jake (i746) (living status unknown)
Davis, John (i738), d.1998
Davis, John (i1583), b.1794-d.1821
Davis, John (i1726)
Davis, John (Long John) (i735), b.1856-
Davis, Kaitlin (i742) (living status unknown)
Davis, Lilian Louisa (i724), b.1882-
Davis, Margaret (i69) (still alive)
Davis, Maria (i1576), b.1865-
Davis, Maria (marriage to Thomas Buswell) (i1576), b.1865-
Davis, Marjorie Winifred (i564), b.1906-d.2008
Davis, Marjorie Winifred (marriage to Thomas Marr) (i564), b.1906-d.2008
Davis, Mary Ann (i1597), b.1849-
Davis, Ned (i723) (living status unknown)
Davis, Neil (i744) (living status unknown)
Davis, Nicky (i1592) (still alive)
Davis, Patricia (i718) (living status unknown)
Davis, Patrick Redmond (i563), b.1908-d.1925
Davis, Peter (i1591) (still alive)
Davis, Samuel (i1574), b.1861-
Davis, Samuel (i1590), b.1821-
Davis, Samuel Frederick (i719), b.1885-
Davis, Sarah (i1575), b.1855-d.1864
Davis, Sarah (i1588)
Davis, Son 1 (i721) (living status unknown)
Davis, Thomas (i64), b.1876-d.1949
Davis, Thomas (i733), b.1818-
Davis, Thomas (i1565), b.1773-
Davis, Thomas (i1567), b.1743-
Davis, Thomas (marriage to Louisa Caroline Townsend) (i64), b.1876-d.1949
Davis, Thomas (marriage to Miriam Slaney) (i64), b.1876-d.1949
Davis, Thomas Edwin (Ted) (i67), b.1909-d.1985
Davis, William (i731), b.1890-
Davis, William (i1563), b.1796-
Davis, William (i1569)
Davis, William (i1571), b.1848-
Davis, William (marriage to Constance Buswell) (i731), b.1890-


Dawson, Margaret (marriage to James Yool) (i1855)


Day, Muriel Constance Mary (marriage to Thomas Young Penman) (i201), b.1906-


Deal, Kate (i772) (living status unknown)
Deal, Paul (i769)
Deal, Robert (i771) (living status unknown)


Dean, Joseph (i1821), b.1874-
Dean, Joseph (marriage to Martha Schmidt) (i1821), b.1874-
Dean, Thomas (i1822)


Dearlove, Harriet Caroline (marriage to James Dearlove) (i2143)
Dearlove, James (i582), b.1884-d.1946
Dearlove, James (i2142)
Dearlove, James (Jim) (i583) (still alive)
Dearlove, James (marriage to Elizabeth Harriet (Lizzie) Coombes) (i582), b.1884-d.1946
Dearlove, Jennifer A (i586) (living status unknown)
Dearlove, Rita (i585) (living status unknown)


Derry, Mary (marriage to Robert Wilburn) (i912), b.1688-


Devenish, Thomas (i2053) (living status unknown)
Devenish, Thomas (i2054)
Devenish, Thomas (marriage to Jane Coombe(s)) (i2053) (living status unknown)


Diffile, Jane (marriage to James Townsend) (i1883), b.1805-


Doughty, John (marriage to Caroline Pickard Stone) (i1375), b.1821-d.1901


Doyle, Maurice (i811) (living status unknown)
Doyle, Sean (i812) (living status unknown)


Driver, Arthur Bruce (i285) (living status unknown)
Driver, John Alexander (i276), b.1927-d.1987
Driver, Judith Margaret (i281) (living status unknown)
Driver, Pamela Ann (i277) (living status unknown)


Dunn, Susanna (marriage to William Odam) (i1929), b.1741-d.1819


Durham, Ellen Eliza (marriage to Marmaduke Albert Townsend) (i1767), b.1871-


Eddie (i1360) (still alive)


Edwards, ? (i793)
Edwards, Eric (i156), b.1928-
Edwards, Esau (i144), b.1883-d.1945
Edwards, Esau (marriage to Anne Christie Penman) (i144), b.1883-d.1945
Edwards, Euphemia Aitken (i148) (living status unknown)
Edwards, Georgina Duncan (i155), b.1924-d.1947
Edwards, Patricia (i794) (living status unknown)


Eggo, Agnes (i1786)
Eggo, Catherine (i1783), b.1836-
Eggo, Helen (i1787)
Eggo, John (i1784)


Ekdahl, Vincent Claes Martin (i1793) (still alive)
Ekdahl, William Michael Martin (i1794) (still alive)


Ellen (marriage to Elwinar Stanger) (i1345), b.1821-


Elliott, Alice Margaret (i850), b.1876-
Elliott, Alice Margaret (marriage to Alfred Schmidt) (i850), b.1876-
Elliott, William (i1834)


Ellis, Mary Sarah (marriage to John Horsham Odam) (i2084), b.1854-


Esherwood, Benjamin (i1824)
Esherwood, James (i1823)
Esherwood, James (marriage to Sarah Schmidt) (i1823)


Evans, Walter (marriage to Selina Ann Lightbourne) (i1645) (living status unknown)


Eveleigh, ? (i1340) (living status unknown)
Eveleigh, ? (marriage to Mary J (Pollie) Coombes) (i1340) (living status unknown)
Eveleigh, Frederick L R (i1342) (living status unknown)
Eveleigh, Irene E (i1341) (living status unknown)


Feehan, Daniel (i234) (living status unknown)
Feehan, Matthew (i233) (living status unknown)
Feehan, Michael (i232) (living status unknown)
Feehan, Olivia (i235) (living status unknown)


Ferguson, Andrew (i245) (living status unknown)
Ferguson, Belinda Kay (i246) (living status unknown)
Ferguson, Christina (marriage to Cornelius Hotchkiss) (i1268), b.1855-d.1931
Ferguson, William Alexander (i247) (living status unknown)


Fewings, Margaret L (marriage to Stanley G Odam) (i2103)


Finnie, Alexander (i1241) (living status unknown)
Finnie, Alexander (i1243), b.1908-
Finnie, Alexander (marriage to Margaret Wallace Barbour) (i1241) (living status unknown)
Finnie, Helen (i1245) (living status unknown)
Finnie, Margaret (i1242), b.1902-
Finnie, Margaret (marriage to Duncan Short) (i1242), b.1902-
Finnie, Thomas (i1244) (living status unknown)


Fletcher, Cyril Wright (i689) (living status unknown)
Fletcher, Cyril Wright (marriage to Rose Lillian Townsend) (i689) (living status unknown)
Fletcher, John Langley (i690) (living status unknown)


Florey?, Sarah (marriage to William Burrows) (i2014), b.1767-


Forbes, Oliver Stout (marriage to Selina Odam) (i1048), b.1877-d.1944


Foster, Margaret (marriage to James Watt) (i396), d.1992


Fraser, Agnes (i863) (still alive)
Fraser, Alexander Gerard (i487), b.1918-d.2007
Fraser, Alison (i460) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Ann Jane Mair (i1464), b.1869-
Fraser, Brian (i530) (still alive)
Fraser, Camilla (i878) (still alive)
Fraser, Caroline Hunter (i490), b.1923-d.1990
Fraser, Daughter (i857) (living status unknown)
Fraser, David (i459) (living status unknown)
Fraser, David Morgan (i525), b.1929-d.2005
Fraser, Edith (i862) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Edna (i467) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Elizabeth (i1468), b.1853-
Fraser, George (i858), b.1866-
Fraser, George (i861) (living status unknown)
Fraser, George (i880) (still alive)
Fraser, George (i981) (living status unknown)
Fraser, George Thomson (i481), b.1914-
Fraser, Heather (i528) (still alive)
Fraser, Helen (i477) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Helen (i1469), b.1850-
Fraser, Henry (i480), d.1912
Fraser, Henry (i860) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Henry Yool (i854), b.1863-
Fraser, Ian (i457), b.1942-d.2000
Fraser, James (i346), b.1856-d.1941
Fraser, James (i350), b.1824-d.1876
Fraser, James (marriage to Elizabeth Yool) (i350), b.1824-d.1876
Fraser, James (marriage to Margaret Innes) (i346), b.1856-d.1941
Fraser, James Robert (i451), b.1909-
Fraser, Jasmine (i461) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Jasmine (marriage to John Leith) (i461) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Jean or Jane (i1465), b.1861-
Fraser, Jim (i859) (living status unknown)
Fraser, John Gordon (i489), b.1920-d.1922
Fraser, Margaret (i453) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Margaret (i1467), b.1858-
Fraser, Margaret Innes (i483), b.1916-d.2004
Fraser, Margaret Innes (marriage to James (Jim) Gillanders) (i483), b.1916-d.2004
Fraser, Mary Elizabeth (i8), b.1921-d.2008
Fraser, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to John Odam) (i8), b.1921-d.2008
Fraser, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to John Odam) (i8), b.1921-d.2008
Fraser, Moira (i532) (still alive)
Fraser, Robert (i1466), b.1871-
Fraser, Robert Innes (i344), b.1886-d.1961
Fraser, Robert Innes (marriage to Elizabeth Watt) (i344), b.1886-d.1961
Fraser, Ruari (i879) (still alive)
Fraser, Sandra (marriage to Ian Fraser) (i458) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Son1 (i855) (living status unknown)
Fraser, Son2 (i856) (living status unknown)
Fraser, William (i1463), b.1851-
Fraser, William Watt (i465), b.1911-


Fred (i1359)


Friend, Elizabeth (marriage to Aaron Odam) (i1390), b.1806-d.1866


Frisby, Ann (marriage to Thomas Dalby) (i1715)


Gaillie, Andrew (i80)
Gaillie, Mary Wishart (i12) (still alive)


Gall, Caitlin Zoe (i1008) (living status unknown)
Gall, Cheryl (i1002) (living status unknown)
Gall, Courtney (i1005) (living status unknown)
Gall, Dianne Wilma (i500) (living status unknown)
Gall, Keiran (i1007) (living status unknown)
Gall, Robert George (i502) (living status unknown)
Gall, Stephen Innes Stuart (i503) (living status unknown)
Gall, William (i1004) (living status unknown)
Gall, William Alan (i501) (living status unknown)
Gall, William George (Bill) (i499), b.1942-d.1994


Galt, James Boyle (i1283) (living status unknown)
Galt, Margaret Blair (i1234) (living status unknown)
Galt, Margaret Blair (marriage to Thomas Barbour) (i1234) (living status unknown)


Gamble, Sarah (i893), b.1726-
Gamble, Sarah (marriage to Robert Stapleton) (i893), b.1726-
Gamble, Thomas (i898), b.1689-


Gardiner, Jennifer Mavis (i1378) (still alive)
Gardiner, Robert Bruce (i1379)


Gibb, Alison (i496) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Andrew (Andy) (i491) (still alive)
Gibb, Andrew James Robert (i493) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Angela (i1016) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Anne Stewart (i870) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Carey (i524) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Caroline Ida Elizabeth (Carol) (i498) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Caroline Ida Elizabeth (Carol) (marriage to William George (Bill) Gall) (i498) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Dawn (i518) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Donald Gordon Wood (i522) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Elma (i513) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Ewan (i988) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Gordon (i495) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Ian Rothney (i511) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Karen (i497) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Kevin (i1017) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Mabel (i514) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Morag Fraser (i507) (living status unknown)
Gibb, Pauline (i1025) (living status unknown)


Gibbeson, Patricia Mary (i177) (living status unknown)
Gibbeson, Thomas Percy (i167) (living status unknown)
Gibbeson, Thomas Percy (marriage to Elizabeth McLaren Thomson) (i167) (living status unknown)


Gibson, Maureen (marriage to John Davis) (i739) (living status unknown)
Gibson, Robina Couper (marriage to James Penman) (i120), d.1965


Gieseq, Eric John (i287) (living status unknown)
Gieseq, John David (i314) (living status unknown)
Gieseq, Robyn Maree (i312)
Gieseq, Ross Andrew (i315) (living status unknown)
Gieseq, Sheryl Lynley (i310) (living status unknown)
Gieseq, Tania Pauline (i313) (living status unknown)


Gilbert, Ernest H (i578), b.1922-d.2013
Gilbert, Ernest J (Algie) (i577)
Gilbert, Ernest J (Algie) (marriage to Annie Coombes) (i577)


Gillan, Sydney James (i297) (living status unknown)
Gillan, Troy James (i298) (living status unknown)


Gillanders, James (Jim) (i484), b.1905-d.1970
Gillanders, James (Jim) (marriage to Margaret Innes Fraser) (i484), b.1905-d.1970
Gillanders, William Robert (i485), b.1940-d.2005


Girl (i1700) (living status unknown)


Godman, Denis Fay (i303) (living status unknown)
Godman, Graham (i261) (living status unknown)
Godman, Mark Andrew (i299) (living status unknown)
Godman, Rachel Ann (i302) (living status unknown)
Godman, Stephen Mark (i301) (living status unknown)
Godman, Susan Ann (i296) (living status unknown)


Goffin, Sarah Jane (marriage to Andrew Smith) (i1914), b.1861-


Goodman, Eliza Ann (i1158), b.1848-
Goodman, Eliza Ann (marriage to John Joseph Smith) (i1158), b.1848-
Goodman, John (i1902)


Gordon, Catherine (i1788)
Gordon, Mary (i1781), b.1853-
Gordon, Mary (marriage to William Petrie Innes) (i1781), b.1853-


Gosling, James Philip Lavis (i1970), b.1788-
Gosling, James Philip Lavis (i1971) (living status unknown)
Gosling, James Philip Lavis (marriage to Elizabeth James) (i1970), b.1788-


Gosset, Annabel Margaret (i164) (living status unknown)
Gosset, Catherine Mary (i165) (living status unknown)
Gosset, George (i163) (living status unknown)
Gosset, Hilgrove John (i162) (living status unknown)


Granger, Ann (marriage to John Newbold) (i906), b.1712-


Gray, Elsie (marriage to James Robert Fraser) (i452), d.1981


Green, Samuel (marriage to Emma Powells) (i2179)


Greer, Elizabeth (marriage to William Aitken) (i1209), b.1840-


Greive, Margaret (marriage to Thomas Young Penman) (i131), d.1955


Gribbon, Janet Hislop (Jenny) (marriage to Henry James (Harry) Odam) (i26), b.1914-d.1995
Gribbon, Janet Hislop (Jenny) (marriage to Henry James (Harry) Odam) (i26), b.1914-d.1995


Gunby, Joyce (marriage to John Stapleton) (i897), b.1664-


Haines, Alexander Richard (i1805), b.1873-
Haines, Alexander Richard (marriage to Rosina Alice Smith) (i1805), b.1873-
Haines, Wilson (i2147)


Hall, Caley James (i216) (living status unknown)
Hall, James Malcolm (i215) (living status unknown)
Hall, Joanna Margaret (i217) (living status unknown)
Hall, John (marriage to Ann Davis) (i1587)


Hardie, John (i1517)
Hardie, John (i1518)
Hardie, John (marriage to Anne Philp Penman) (i1517)


Harris, Benjamin (i1279), b.1811-
Harris, Benjamin (i1299), b.1843-
Harris, Benjamin George (i1981), b.1835-
Harris, George (marriage to Charlotte Jane Stanger) (i1084), b.1860-d.1925
Harris, George W (i1298), b.1844-
Harris, Henry (i1980), b.1826-
Harris, Jane (marriage to Henry Odam) (i1445), b.1846-d.1925
Harris, John (i1978), b.1820-
Harris, Joseph (i1300), b.1781-
Harris, Martha (i1829), b.1840-
Harris, Martha (i1977), b.1817-
Harris, Robert (i1976), b.1816-
Harris, Sarah (i752), b.1837-d.1901
Harris, Sarah (marriage to George Schmidt) (i752), b.1837-d.1901
Harris, William (i1979), b.1822-


Hart, Lizzie (marriage to odamjohn) (i1545)


Haycock, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Willis) (i1370), b.1796-


Haydon, Fred (i1357) (living status unknown)
Haydon, Fred (marriage to Agnes Alice Coombes) (i1357) (living status unknown)
Haydon, Les (i1654) (still alive)
Haydon, Margaret (i1367) (still alive)


Hayfield, Walter (marriage to Caroline Schmidt) (i759), b.1873-


Hayman, Ann (marriage to James Odam) (i1386), b.1809-d.1871


Hearnimen, James (marriage to Sarah Odam Roll(Rowle)) (i1873) (living status unknown)


Held, William (marriage to Alice Crook) (i2152)


Helmore, Mary (marriage to John Perkins) (i1303), b.1792-


Henderson, Alan (i516) (living status unknown)
Henderson, Alexander (Ally) (i515) (living status unknown)
Henderson, Arthur David (i256), b.1910-d.1980
Henderson, Arthur David (marriage to Elizabeth McLaren Penman) (i256), b.1910-d.1980
Henderson, Jane (i517) (living status unknown)
Henderson, Jessica (i1020) (living status unknown)
Henderson, Margaret Elizabeth (i275) (living status unknown)
Henderson, Margaret Elizabeth (marriage to John Alexander Driver) (i275) (living status unknown)
Henderson, Norma June (i286) (living status unknown)
Henderson, Shirley Ann (i288) (living status unknown)


Hill, Herbert (i1707) (living status unknown)
Hill, James (i1703), b.1837-
Hill, James (i1706) (living status unknown)
Hill, James (marriage to Sarah A Odam) (i1703), b.1837-
Hill, John (i1709) (living status unknown)
Hill, John Frederick (i1704), b.1865-
Hill, Lucy (i1710) (living status unknown)
Hill, William (i1705) (living status unknown)
Hill, William (i1711) (living status unknown)


Hobbs, Ann (i1952)
Hobbs, Josiah (i1949)
Hobbs, Josiah (i1950), b.1793-
Hobbs, Josiah (marriage to Nancy Odam) (i1949)
Hobbs, Sarah (i1951), d.1790


Holcombe, Alice W (i1879), b.1887-
Holcombe, Elizabeth Ann (i1877), b.1880-
Holcombe, Robert (i1876), b.1858-
Holcombe, Robert (marriage to Lucy Ann Roll(Rowle)) (i1876), b.1858-
Holcombe, William (i1880), b.1888-


Honeychurch, Ann (i1124), b.1846-
Honeychurch, Frances (i1126), b.1850-
Honeychurch, Georgina (i1924), b.1852-
Honeychurch, Henry (i1125), b.1848-
Honeychurch, Mary Jane (i1118), b.1840-
Honeychurch, Mary Jane (marriage to William Coombe(s)) (i1118), b.1840-
Honeychurch, Thomas (i1119), b.1818-
Honeychurch, Thomas (i1121), b.1841-
Honeychurch, William (i1123), b.1842-


Hopkins, Bessie (i1400), b.1876-
Hopkins, David Charles (i1405) (still alive)
Hopkins, Eliza (i1398), b.1869-
Hopkins, Gwynfa Daffd (i1410) (living status unknown)
Hopkins, Henry (marriage to Selina Coombe(s)) (i2064)
Hopkins, Jane (i1397), b.1867-
Hopkins, John (i1395), b.1835-
Hopkins, John (i1399), b.1872-
Hopkins, John (marriage to Elizabeth Coombe(s)) (i1395), b.1835-
Hopkins, June Milita (i1408) (living status unknown)
Hopkins, Lily Gwendraeth (i1407) (living status unknown)
Hopkins, Mary S (i1396), b.1864-
Hopkins, Royston Frederick (i1409) (living status unknown)
Hopkins, Sanuel (i2052)
Hopkins, Thomas Charles (i674), b.1898-


Horsham, Betsy (i2070), b.1818-
Horsham, Betsy (marriage to Joseph Odam) (i2070), b.1818-
Horsham, James (i2072)


Hotchkiss, Cornelius (i1267), b.1858-d.1930
Hotchkiss, Edward (i1266), b.1834-d.1912
Hotchkiss, Edward (marriage to Margaret Janet Penman) (i1266), b.1834-d.1912
Hotchkiss, Edward Ferguson (i1269), b.1882-d.1947
Hotchkiss, Eric James (i1278) (still alive)
Hotchkiss, James Arthur (i1271), b.1914-d.1991
Hotchkiss, Rex James (i1273), b.1936-d.2003
Hotchkiss, Rex James (i1275) (living status unknown)
Hotchkiss, Sarah Anne (i1277) (still alive)


Hughes, Elizabeth (i1425), b.1887-
Hughes, William (i1424), b.1848-
Hughes, William (marriage to Minnie Round Burrows) (i1424), b.1848-


Hunter, Arthur (i331) (living status unknown)
Hunter, Arthur (marriage to Margaret Shaw) (i331) (living status unknown)
Hunter, Jane (marriage to George Watt) (i1462), b.1809-
Hunter, Margaret Shaw (i332) (living status unknown)


Hurditch, Henry (marriage to Caroline Pickard Stone) (i1374), d.1857


Hurst, Elizabeth (i2193) (living status unknown)
Hurst, Florence (i2194) (living status unknown)
Hurst, Frederick W (i2192)
Hurst, Frederick W (marriage to Elizabeth Lightbourne) (i2192)
Hurst, Herbert (i2195) (living status unknown)


Hutchings, Susan (marriage to James Odam) (i1444), b.1819-d.1900


Innes, Alexander (i1779), b.1889-
Innes, Angelina Margaret (Daisy) (marriage to William Watt Fraser) (i466), d.1996
Innes, James (i1772) (living status unknown)
Innes, James (i1774), b.1798-
Innes, James (i1775), b.1838-
Innes, James (i1777), b.1879-
Innes, John (i1769), b.1847-
Innes, John (i1780), b.1887-
Innes, Maggie (i1782), b.1879-
Innes, Margaret (i351), b.1844-
Innes, Margaret (marriage to James Fraser) (i351), b.1844-
Innes, Mary (i1778), b.1880-
Innes, Robert (i1771), b.1854-
Innes, William (i348), b.1800-d.1876
Innes, William Petrie (i1770), b.1849-
Innes, William Petrie (marriage to Mary Gordon) (i1770), b.1849-


Ireland, Benjamin (i634)
Ireland, Benjamin (marriage to Annie Odam) (i634)
Ireland, Eric (i635)


Ireson, Harriet (marriage to William Stapleton) (i1633), b.1830-
Ireson, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Skinner) (i1675) (living status unknown)


Izet, Janet (marriage to William Penman) (i87), b.1751-


James, Elizabeth (i1969), b.1792-
James, Elizabeth (marriage to James Philip Lavis Gosling) (i1969), b.1792-
James, Elizabeth (marriage to John Kite) (i1969), b.1792-
James, Elizabeth (marriage to Nelson George Bardwell) (i1969), b.1792-
James, John (i1972)


Jenkins, Ralph Meredith (i159) (living status unknown)
Jenkins, Ralph Meredith (marriage to Margaret Couper (Peggy) Penman) (i159) (living status unknown)
Jenkins, Robyn Margaret Couper (i161) (living status unknown)


john, odam (i705), b.1851-d.1934
john, odam (marriage to Anne Sophia Rosseter) (i705), b.1851-d.1934


Johnson, Hannah Jane (i654), b.1873-d.1959
Johnson, Hannah Jane (marriage to Fredrick Henry Townsend) (i654), b.1873-d.1959
Johnson, William (i655)


Josland, Richard (marriage to Maria Odam) (i1926) (living status unknown)


Kathleen (i1361) (still alive)


Kemp, Esther (marriage to William Blamey) (i1291), b.1857-


Kerr, Janet (marriage to John Barbour) (i1254), b.1775-d.1866


King, Henry (marriage to Emma Louisa Smith) (i1900) (living status unknown)
King, James (i1249), b.1775-
King, James (marriage to Marjory King) (i1249), b.1775-
King, Janet (marriage to Peter Barbour) (i1264) (living status unknown)
King, John (i1251), b.1745-
King, Marjory (i1036), b.1809-d.1889
King, Marjory (i1250), b.1772-
King, Marjory (marriage to James King) (i1250), b.1772-
King, Marjory (marriage to John Barbour) (i1036), b.1809-d.1889


Kite, John (i1820)
Kite, John (marriage to Elizabeth James) (i1820)
Kite, Mary Elizabeth James (i1412), b.1830-
Kite, Mary Elizabeth James (marriage to James Middleton) (i1412), b.1830-


Kyle, Mary Ellen (i196) (living status unknown)
Kyle, Richard Charles (i190), b.1916-d.1989
Kyle, Wendy Anne (i191) (living status unknown)


Lashmore, Arthur (i1681) (living status unknown)
Lashmore, Arthur (i1682) (still alive)
Lashmore, Arthur (marriage to Ida Blanche Odam) (i1681) (living status unknown)
Lashmore, Edgar (i1690) (living status unknown)
Lashmore, Stanley (i1683) (still alive)


Latter, Maxwell (i868) (living status unknown)
Latter, Stewart (i869) (living status unknown)


Lavacombe, Florence (i1692) (living status unknown)
Lavacombe, Henry John (i1693) (living status unknown)
Lavacombe, James (i1691) (living status unknown)
Lavacombe, James (marriage to Ann Hayman Odam) (i1691) (living status unknown)


Leith, Eleanor (i464) (living status unknown)
Leith, John (i462), d.2003
Leith, Lewis (i463) (living status unknown)


Leonard, Harry (Len) (marriage to Frederica Victoria Schmidt) (i801), b.1900-d.1982


Letts, Frances (i728) (living status unknown)
Letts, Harry (i725) (living status unknown)
Letts, Harry (marriage to Lilian Louisa Davis) (i725) (living status unknown)
Letts, Jack (i726) (living status unknown)
Letts, Kathy (i727) (living status unknown)
Letts, Ronnie (i729) (living status unknown)


Liddon, William (marriage to Jane Townsend) (i1791), b.1859-


Lightbourne, Ann (i1427), b.1830-d.1903
Lightbourne, Ann (i1966), b.1798-
Lightbourne, Edward (i1642), b.1816-d.1866
Lightbourne, Elizabeth (i1648), b.1827-
Lightbourne, Elizabeth (marriage to Frederick W Hurst) (i1648), b.1827-
Lightbourne, Emma (i1418), b.1831-
Lightbourne, Emma (marriage to Robert Burrows) (i1418), b.1831-
Lightbourne, Enoch (i1621), b.1856-
Lightbourne, Jane (i1962), b.1815-
Lightbourne, John (i1439), b.1824-d.1902
Lightbourne, John (i1965), b.1801-
Lightbourne, John (marriage to Alice Crook) (i1965), b.1801-
Lightbourne, John (marriage to Ann Rudge) (i1439), b.1824-d.1902
Lightbourne, John Rudge (i2151), d.1859
Lightbourne, Laura E (i1644), b.1868-d.1900
Lightbourne, Maria (i1432), b.1834-
Lightbourne, Mary (i1647), b.1821-d.1900
Lightbourne, Mary Jane (i1619), b.1852-d.1892
Lightbourne, Selina Ann (i1620), b.1854-
Lightbourne, Sophia (i1433), b.1829-d.1881
Lightbourne, Thomas (i1426), b.1795-d.1873
Lightbourne, Thomas (i1963)
Lightbourne, William John Rudge (i1643), b.1859-


Lillian (marriage to Harold Odam) (i1223)


Littlechild, Thomas (marriage to Maria Willis) (i1984), b.1820-d.1897


Lloyd, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Lightbourne) (i1964)


Lock, Mary (marriage to James Sheppard Roll(Rowle)) (i1872), b.1838-


Louisa? (marriage to George Francis Smith) (i1920), b.1888-


Ludlam, Cameron Bruce (i195) (living status unknown)
Ludlam, Donald (i192) (living status unknown)
Ludlam, Jenny Maree (i193) (living status unknown)
Ludlam, Michael Kyle (i194) (living status unknown)


Luxton, Beatrice (i1685)
Luxton, Blanche (i1684)
Luxton, Edith (i1686)
Luxton, Frederick William (i1449), b.1866-
Luxton, Frederick William (marriage to Florence Maud Odam) (i1449), b.1866-
Luxton, Walter (i1687)


Mace, Charles (i1178)
Mace, Diana (i1144), b.1870-
Mace, Diana (marriage to Phillip Blamey Odam) (i1144), b.1870-


Majer, Barbara (i403) (still alive)
Majer, George (i398)
Majer, James (i405) (still alive)
Majer, Margaret (i399) (still alive)


Manning, Emanuel (i1999), b.1819-
Manning, Emanuel (i2033), b.1854-
Manning, Emanuel (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Burrows) (i1999), b.1819-
Manning, Emanuel (marriage to Lucy Reeve) (i1999), b.1819-
Manning, Emily (i2029), b.1851-
Manning, Emma (i2026), b.1846-
Manning, George (i2028), b.1850-
Manning, George (i2045), b.1873-
Manning, George (marriage to Happy Burrows) (i2028), b.1850-
Manning, Harriet E (i2002), b.1870-
Manning, Henry (i2034), b.1856-
Manning, Jacob Walter (i2046), d.1904
Manning, Lidia (i2032), b.1852-
Manning, Mary (i2027), b.1849-
Manning, Walter (i2001), b.1867-
Manning, William (i2035), b.1859-
Manning, Willie (i2047)


Manton, Sarah Ann (i1134), b.1865-
Manton, Sarah Ann (marriage to Charles Arthur Stapleton) (i1134), b.1865-
Manton, Thomas (i1712), b.1837-


March, Mary Ann (marriage to Thomas Stanger) (i1078), b.1830-


Marr, Catherine A (i568) (still alive)
Marr, Judith Ann (i573) (still alive)
Marr, Robert I (i571) (still alive)
Marr, Stephen (i566) (still alive)
Marr, Thomas (i565), b.1903-d.1982
Marr, Thomas (marriage to Marjorie Winifred Davis) (i565), b.1903-d.1982
Marr, William (i1651) (still alive)


Marshall, William (marriage to Sarah Burrows) (i2023)


Martha (marriage to William Webb) (i1754) (living status unknown)


Martin, Hayley (i779) (living status unknown)
Martin, Ryan (i780) (living status unknown)
Martin, Stephen (i778) (still alive)


Mary (marriage to Samuel Davis) (i1596), b.1824-
Mary (marriage to Willie Manning) (i2048)


Mason, Francis (i931) (living status unknown)
Mason, Nita Lena (marriage to Alexander Samuel Rinehart) (i1842)
Mason, Richard (i933), b.1577-
Mason, Richard (i1329), b.1619-
Mason, William (i927) (living status unknown)
Mason, William (i929) (living status unknown)


Mather, Barbara (i401) (still alive)
Mather, Jack (i400) (still alive)
Mather, Susan (i402) (still alive)


Maule, Jay (i630) (still alive)
Maule, Jodie (i629) (still alive)
Maule, Lorne (i628) (still alive)


Mayhew, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Burrows) (i1482), b.1821-
Mayhew, Hannah (marriage to Nathaniel Burrows) (i1988), b.1808-


McBride, Elizabeth Penman (i137) (living status unknown)
McBride, William (i136), b.1878-d.1945
McBride, William (marriage to Elizabeth McLaren Penman) (i136), b.1878-d.1945


McGregor, Neil (i230) (living status unknown)
McGregor, Neil (marriage to Audrey Jean Voice) (i230) (living status unknown)
McGregor, Nigel Richard (i236) (living status unknown)
McGregor, Sandra Raewyn (i231) (living status unknown)


McLaren, Alexander (i1406), b.1851-
McLaren, Ann Melville (i1600), b.1834-
McLaren, Annie (marriage to Dan Stewart) (i622)
McLaren, Daniel (i342), b.1817-
McLaren, Daniel (marriage to Elizabeth Cuthell) (i342), b.1817-
McLaren, Elizabeth (i79), b.1849-
McLaren, Elizabeth (marriage to James Penman) (i79), b.1849-
McLaren, James (i1601), b.1843-
McLaren, John (i1602), b.1846-
McLaren, John (i1604)
McLaren, Margaret (i1603), b.1840-
McLaren, Walter B (i1599), b.1853-


McNee, Elizabeth (i1764), b.1879-


Metcalf, Sarah (marriage to William John Rudge Lightbourne) (i1646), b.1849-


Michael (i617) (living status unknown)


Middleton, Edwin Joseph (i1413), b.1856-
Middleton, Elizabeth Harriet (i575), b.1861-d.1944
Middleton, Elizabeth Harriet (marriage to John Coombes) (i575), b.1861-d.1944
Middleton, James (i1411), b.1816-
Middleton, James (i1968)
Middleton, James (marriage to Mary Elizabeth James Kite) (i1411), b.1816-
Middleton, James George (i1414), b.1856-
Middleton, John Frederick (i1415), b.1858-


Miller, Caroline Sarah Jane (i827), b.1900-
Miller, Caroline Sarah Jane (marriage to Frederick Harold Schmidt) (i827), b.1900-
Miller, George (i1833)


Mitchell, ? (i2078)
Mitchell, ? (marriage to Georgiana M Odam) (i2078)
Mitchell, Betsy Georgina (i2079), b.1876-
Mitchell, Martha Charlotte (i2080), b.1878-


Moisey, Sarah (marriage to William Stapleton) (i947), b.1848-d.1922


Moore, Alan Adam Fraser (i993), b.1982-d.1983
Moore, Benjamin (i1579), b.1874-
Moore, Chantelle Georgina (i1000) (living status unknown)
Moore, Deborah Caroline (i997) (living status unknown)
Moore, Edward (i1580), b.1878-
Moore, Emily (i1581), b.1876-
Moore, James Paul (i994) (living status unknown)
Moore, Jo-Anne Elizabeth (i999) (living status unknown)
Moore, Jordan Louise (i996) (living status unknown)
Moore, Joshua James (i992) (living status unknown)
Moore, Robert (i989) (living status unknown)
Moore, Robert (i990) (living status unknown)
Moore, Thomas W (i1582), b.1874-
Moore, William (i1578), b.1851-
Moore, William (marriage to Elizabeth Davis) (i1578), b.1851-


Morgan, Alec (i371) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Charles (i383) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Child 1 (i390) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Child 2 (i391) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Colin (i389) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Daughter 1 (i368) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Daughter 2 (i369) (living status unknown)
Morgan, David (i358) (living status unknown)
Morgan, David (i366) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Father (i374)
Morgan, Fred (i364) (living status unknown)
Morgan, George (i376), b.1769-d.1837
Morgan, George (i378), b.1810-d.1889
Morgan, Henry (i387) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Henry Logan (i384) (living status unknown)
Morgan, James Melvin (i385) (living status unknown)
Morgan, John (i362) (living status unknown)
Morgan, John (i370) (living status unknown)
Morgan, John (i372), b.1766-d.1849
Morgan, John (i377), b.1808-d.1834
Morgan, Manwell Gordon (i382) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Mary Ann (i354), b.1851-
Morgan, Mary Ann (marriage to James Watt) (i354), b.1851-
Morgan, Ruby (i360) (living status unknown)
Morgan, Sheila (i388) (living status unknown)
Morgan, William (i355), b.1814-d.1872
Morgan, William (i379) (living status unknown)
Morgan, William Duncan (i381) (living status unknown)


Morrison, William (marriage to May Adelaide Rinehart) (i1843)


Mortimore, Henry James (i2088), b.1880-
Mortimore, Henry James (marriage to Ethel Emily Odam) (i2088), b.1880-
Mortimore, Jack H O (i2089), b.1908-


Muir, Elizabeth (marriage to John McLaren) (i1605) (living status unknown)


Mullanny, Mary Ann (i2186), b.1848-
Mullanny, Mary Ann (marriage to Charles Douglas Wright) (i2186), b.1848-
Mullanny, Patrick (i2187)


Mullany, Catherine M (marriage to Charles Douglas Wright) (i754), b.1840-d.1920
Mullany, Catherine M (marriage to George Chapman) (i754), b.1840-d.1920


Mumford, Ian William (i776) (living status unknown)
Mumford, Jeremy (i774) (living status unknown)
Mumford, Kathryn Jane (i775) (living status unknown)


Murray, John (marriage to Elizabeth Cuthill Penman) (i115)


Newbold, Ann (i1628)
Newbold, Ann (i1629)
Newbold, Elizabeth (i1632)
Newbold, John (i903), b.1739-d.1805
Newbold, John (i905), b.1708-
Newbold, John (i1627)
Newbold, Lucy (i887), b.1791-
Newbold, Lucy (marriage to John Stanger) (i887), b.1791-
Newbold, Mahala (i1631)
Newbold, Mary (i1630)
Newbold, William (i901), b.1770-


North, Donald Edward (i1694), d.1843
North, Edward William (i1679) (living status unknown)
North, Edward William (marriage to Ethel Harris Odam) (i1679) (living status unknown)
North, Phyllis Ethel (i1680) (living status unknown)


Northcott, Elizabeth (i2061) (living status unknown)
Northcott, Richard (i2062)


Nuttall, Carol (i640) (still alive)
Nuttall, David (i638) (still alive)
Nuttall, Pamela (i639) (still alive)


O'Riordan, Mary Margaret (i691) (living status unknown)
O'Riordan, Mary Margaret (marriage to James Ernest Townsend) (i691) (living status unknown)
O'Riordan, Patrick (i692)


Odam, Aaron (i1388), b.1812-d.1866
Odam, Alan Edward (i1226) (still alive)
Odam, Albert Edward (i1613), b.1874-d.1874
Odam, Albert Edward (Aston) (i1034), b.1892-d.1956
Odam, Alice Louise (i1452), b.1886-
Odam, Andrew Douglas (i2173) (still alive)
Odam, Ann (i1387), b.1823-d.1884
Odam, Ann (marriage to James Sheppard Roll(Rowle)) (i1387), b.1823-d.1884
Odam, Ann Hayman (i1456), b.1877-
Odam, Annie (i633), b.1887-d.1967
Odam, Annie (marriage to Benjamin Ireland) (i633), b.1887-d.1967
Odam, Beatrice (i1149), b.1887-
Odam, Beatrice Maud (i1455), b.1894-d.1980
Odam, Bertie Passmore (i1454), b.1889-d.1966
Odam, Betty (i1937), b.1779-d.1780
Odam, Caroline (i1143), b.1850-
Odam, Catherine (i21), b.1954-d.1954
Odam, Daniel (i1187), b.1907-d.1907
Odam, Diana Jill (i1227) (still alive)
Odam, Douglas John (i9), b.1950-d.2016
Odam, Elizabeth Louise (i1) (still alive)
Odam, Elizabeth Margaret Livingston King (i1185), b.1900-
Odam, Emily (i1170), b.1854-
Odam, Emma Kate (i1985) (still alive)
Odam, Ethel Emily (i2085), b.1881-
Odam, Ethel Emily (marriage to Henry James Mortimore) (i2085), b.1881-
Odam, Ethel Harris (i1451), b.1884-d.1982
Odam, Fergus John (i6) (still alive)
Odam, Florence Maud (i1447), b.1870-d.1948
Odam, Florence Maud (marriage to Frederick William Luxton) (i1447), b.1870-d.1948
Odam, Gary Andrew (i10) (still alive)
Odam, George (i1141), b.1858-
Odam, George (i1384), b.1803-d.1880
Odam, George (i1932), b.1781-d.1783
Odam, George (i1933), b.1784-d.1851
Odam, George (i2065)
Odam, Georgiana M (i2077), b.1855-
Odam, Georgiana M (marriage to ? Mitchell) (i2077), b.1855-
Odam, Gladys May (i1677), b.1894-
Odam, Hamish Davie (i4) (still alive)
Odam, Harold (i1146), b.1897-
Odam, Henery (i2068), b.1746-
Odam, Henry (i632), b.1848-d.1927
Odam, Henry (i1032), b.1820-d.1878
Odam, Henry (i1037), b.1877-
Odam, Henry (i1416), b.1872-d.1872
Odam, Henry (i1442), b.1843-d.1916
Odam, Henry (marriage to Ann Blamey) (i1032), b.1820-d.1878
Odam, Henry (marriage to Margaret King Barbour) (i632), b.1848-d.1927
Odam, Henry (marriage to Mary Stewart Thomson) (i1037), b.1877-
Odam, Henry James (Harry) (i25), b.1908-d.1995
Odam, Henry Stewart (i1186), d.1994
Odam, Ida Blanche (i1450), b.1881-d.1917
Odam, James (i1385), b.1811-d.1884
Odam, James (i1935), b.1774-d.1847
Odam, James (i2094), b.1875-
Odam, James Henry (i1446), b.1865-d.1951
Odam, James Horsham (i2076), b.1851-d.1911
Odam, Janette Gribbon (i27), b.1939-d.1991
Odam, Joan (i2066), b.1750-
Odam, John (i7), b.1916-d.2003
Odam, John (i24), b.1879-d.1955
Odam, John (i1161), b.1766-d.1847
Odam, John (i2069)
Odam, John (i2100), b.1873-
Odam, John (i2101), b.1895-
Odam, John (marriage to Jane Penman) (i24), b.1879-d.1955
Odam, John (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Fraser) (i7), b.1916-d.2003
Odam, John Horsham (i2073), b.1845-d.1934
Odam, Joseph (i2049), b.1815-
Odam, Joseph (marriage to Betsy Horsham) (i2049), b.1815-
Odam, Joseph H (i2074), b.1848-d.1861
Odam, June (i1214) (still alive)
Odam, Kenneth Davie (i3) (still alive)
Odam, Leonard George (i1150), b.1888-
Odam, Leonora (i2095), b.1882-
Odam, Leslie (i1145), b.1900-d.1965
Odam, Mabel (i2099), b.1889-
Odam, Maria (i1441), b.1836-d.1906
Odam, Marjory (i1047), b.1883-d.1964
Odam, Marjory (i1181), b.1904-d.1904
Odam, Marjory (marriage to James Wills) (i1047), b.1883-d.1964
Odam, Martha (i1389), b.1805-
Odam, Mary (i1404), b.1807-
Odam, Mary (i1931), b.1777-
Odam, Mary (i2050), b.1818-d.1819
Odam, Mary Stewart (i1184), b.1901-
Odam, Nancy (i1936), b.1762-d.1843
Odam, Nancy (marriage to Josiah Hobbs) (i1936), b.1762-d.1843
Odam, Neil John (i11) (still alive)
Odam, Norman (i1147), b.1898-
Odam, Norman John (i2086), b.1883-
Odam, Phillip Blamey (i1142), b.1864-
Odam, Phillip Blamey (marriage to Diana Mace) (i1142), b.1864-
Odam, Robert (i32), b.1914-d.1914
Odam, Samuel (i2051), b.1815-d.1817
Odam, Samuel (i2075), b.1851-d.1868
Odam, Samuel (i2096), b.1884-
Odam, Sarah A (i1443), b.1841-
Odam, Sarah A (marriage to James Hill) (i1443), b.1841-
Odam, Sarah Jane (i2071), b.1841-
Odam, Sarah Jane (marriage to Alfred Back) (i2071), b.1841-
Odam, Selina (i1041), b.1878-
Odam, Stanley G (i2087), b.1890-
Odam, Susanna (i1934), b.1772-d.1810
Odam, Susanna (marriage to Joseph Chapman) (i1934), b.1772-d.1810
Odam, Thomas (i1938), b.1769-
Odam, Thomas (i1953), b.1718-
Odam, William (i1038), b.1845-d.1901
Odam, William (i1040), b.1880-
Odam, William (i1928), b.1743-
Odam, William (i1930), b.1780-d.1781
Odam, William (i1939), b.1764-d.1780
Odam, William (marriage to Elizabeth Allatt) (i1040), b.1880-
Odam, William (marriage to Matilda Aston) (i1038), b.1845-d.1901


Orford, Christopher (i1220) (still alive)
Orford, Donald (i1215), b.1928-d.1987
Orford, Jennifer (i1217) (still alive)
Orford, Stephen (i1216) (still alive)
Orford, Victoria (i1221) (still alive)


Orme, Ellen (i853), b.1866-
Orme, Ellen (marriage to George Schmidt) (i853), b.1866-
Orme, Peter (i1281)


Pablo, Antonio (i2115)


Pablo?, Alma (i2114) (living status unknown)
Pablo?, Alma (marriage to Elmer Henry Townsend) (i2114) (living status unknown)


Page, 1st (marriage to Gordon Watt) (i421)
Page, 2nd (marriage to Gordon Watt) (i434) (living status unknown)


Palmer, Mary Ann (marriage to George Stapleton) (i953), b.1822-


Parman, Sarah Jane (marriage to George Odam) (i1148), b.1853-


Passmore, Mary Jane (marriage to James Henry Odam) (i1453), b.1865-d.1954


Paterson, William (marriage to Euphemia Aitken Penman) (i147) (living status unknown)


Patterson, Ada J (i1167), b.1894-
Patterson, Albert Victor (i1169), b.1880-
Patterson, Edward T (i1164), b.1853-d.1896
Patterson, Harry Christopher (i1659), b.1904-d.1925
Patterson, Harry Hubert (i1151), b.1878-d.1914
Patterson, Harry Hubert (marriage to Rosina Alice Smith) (i1151), b.1878-d.1914
Patterson, James E (i1165), b.1857-
Patterson, John (i1162), b.1824-d.1895
Patterson, John (i1658) (living status unknown)
Patterson, John (i1982)
Patterson, John (marriage to Jane Willis) (i1162), b.1824-d.1895
Patterson, John Thomas (i1153), b.1852-d.1893
Patterson, John Thomas (marriage to Anne Eliza Burrows) (i1153), b.1852-d.1893
Patterson, Mabel Jane (i1154), b.1880-
Patterson, Stanley (i1660) (living status unknown)
Patterson, Violet Annie (i1156), b.1881-
Patterson, Violet Annie (marriage to Jabez Alfred Shaw) (i1156), b.1881-
Patterson, Violet Rose (i16), b.1903-d.1989
Patterson, Violet Rose (marriage to Laurence Charles Schmidt) (i16), b.1903-d.1989


Payne, Alice (i2006), b.1869-
Payne, Ellen (i2008), b.1873-
Payne, Elmy (i2011), b.1880-
Payne, Esther (i2005), b.1867-
Payne, Eveline (i2010), b.1878-
Payne, Henry (i2007), b.1870-
Payne, John (i2003), b.1835-
Payne, John (marriage to Mary Ann Burrows) (i2003), b.1835-
Payne, Lucy (i2009), b.1875-


Penman, Alexander (i84), b.1775-
Penman, Alexander (i88), b.1728-
Penman, Alexander (i90), b.1696-
Penman, Alexander (i94), b.1763-
Penman, Alexander (i107), b.1817-
Penman, Alexander (i108), b.1830-
Penman, Alexander (i126), b.1872-d.1897
Penman, Alexander (i1849), b.1839-
Penman, Andrew (i101), b.1794-d.1869
Penman, Andrew (i1315) (living status unknown)
Penman, Anne Christie (i127), b.1877-d.1929
Penman, Anne Christie (i143), b.1896-
Penman, Anne Christie (marriage to Esau Edwards) (i143), b.1896-
Penman, Anne Christie (marriage to William Walker) (i127), b.1877-d.1929
Penman, Anne Philp (i110), b.1832-
Penman, Anne Philp (marriage to John Hardie) (i110), b.1832-
Penman, Annetta Dunn (i253), b.1908-d.1993
Penman, Christian (i1308), d.1818
Penman, Daniel McLaren (i116), b.1868-d.1961
Penman, Daniel McLaren (marriage to Euphemia Aitken) (i116), b.1868-d.1961
Penman, David (i338), b.1735-
Penman, Duncan (i92), b.1749-
Penman, Elizabeth (i160) (living status unknown)
Penman, Elizabeth Cuthill (i114), b.1864-
Penman, Elizabeth McLaren (i135), b.1892-d.1971
Penman, Elizabeth McLaren (i255), b.1913-d.1985
Penman, Elizabeth McLaren (marriage to Arthur David Henderson) (i255), b.1913-d.1985
Penman, Elizabeth McLaren (marriage to William McBride) (i135), b.1892-d.1971
Penman, Euphemia Aitken (i146), b.1908-
Penman, Grace (i1313), b.1840-
Penman, Helen (i93), b.1754-
Penman, Helen (i112), b.1841-
Penman, Helen (i335), b.1722-
Penman, James (i78), b.1845-d.1898
Penman, James (i96), b.1777-
Penman, James (i106), b.1813-
Penman, James (i119), b.1874-d.1939
Penman, James (i140)
Penman, James (marriage to Elizabeth McLaren) (i78), b.1845-d.1898
Penman, Jane (i23), b.1878-d.1968
Penman, Jane (marriage to John Odam) (i23), b.1878-d.1968
Penman, Jane (marriage to John Odam) (i23), b.1878-d.1968
Penman, Jane Dempster (i139), b.1894-d.1974
Penman, Janet (i103), b.1799-
Penman, Janet (i1853), b.1849-
Penman, Jean (i102), b.1798-
Penman, Jean (i1314), d.1823
Penman, John (i97), b.1777-
Penman, John (i104), b.1807-d.1882
Penman, John (i1207), b.1726-
Penman, John (i1852), b.1847-
Penman, John Burnet (i1317) (living status unknown)
Penman, Mairi Rose (i202) (living status unknown)
Penman, Margaret (i133), b.1885-d.1969
Penman, Margaret (i341), b.1851-
Penman, Margaret (marriage to John Shaw) (i133), b.1885-d.1969
Penman, Margaret Couper (Peggy) (i158), b.1899-
Penman, Margaret Grieve (i251), b.1906-
Penman, Margaret Janet (i111), b.1837-d.1912
Penman, Margaret Janet (marriage to Edward Hotchkiss) (i111), b.1837-d.1912
Penman, Marget (i1851), b.1842-
Penman, Marion (i95), b.1756-
Penman, Marrion (i100), b.1789-
Penman, Mary (i105), b.1811-
Penman, Mary (i109), b.1834-
Penman, Mary (i121), b.1883-
Penman, Mary (i145)
Penman, Mary (marriage to David Thomson) (i121), b.1883-
Penman, Peter (i1848), b.1836-
Penman, Robert (i99), b.1787-
Penman, Robert (i142)
Penman, Robert (i337), b.1732-
Penman, Robert (i1311), d.1850
Penman, Robert (i1850), b.1834-
Penman, Robert McLaren (i125), b.1870-
Penman, Shona Margaret (i214) (living status unknown)
Penman, Thomas Young (i129), b.1880-d.1951
Penman, Thomas Young (i200), b.1906-d.1954
Penman, Walterina (i123), b.1888-d.1889
Penman, William (i82), b.1805-d.1885
Penman, William (i86), b.1752-
Penman, William (i98), b.1785-
Penman, William (i113), b.1842-
Penman, William (i124), b.1866-d.1867
Penman, William (i141)
Penman, William (i336), b.1724-
Penman, William (i340), b.1848-
Penman, William (i1309) (living status unknown)
Penman, William (marriage to Anne Christie) (i82), b.1805-d.1885


Perkins, John (i1302)
Perkins, Mary (i1176), b.1824-
Perkins, Mary (marriage to James Blamey) (i1176), b.1824-


Perrine, Alfred (i1486), b.1844-
Perrine, Alfred (marriage to Sarah Burrows) (i1486), b.1844-
Perrine, Alfred R (i1487), b.1871-


Persson, Anders (i1377) (still alive)


Peter, Janet (marriage to Alexander Penman) (i91), b.1700-


Pettersson, Martin (i1650) (still alive)


Philp, ? (i1546)
Philp, Ann (i1516), d.1855
Philp, Ann (marriage to Alexander Christie) (i1516), d.1855


Pinncock, Robert (marriage to Sarah Davis) (i1589)


Pittman, Nathaniel Henry Robert (marriage to Grace Emma Elizabeth Rinehart) (i1844)


Potter, Daughter (i602) (living status unknown)
Potter, Doris (i598) (still alive)
Potter, Edward (Ted) (i600) (living status unknown)
Potter, Henry (i610), d.2000
Potter, Jackie (i606) (still alive)
Potter, Joanne (i607) (still alive)
Potter, John (i603) (living status unknown)
Potter, Reginald Herbert Frederick (i597)
Potter, Reginald Herbert Frederick (marriage to Alice Maud Coombes) (i597)
Potter, Robert (Bob) (i604) (still alive)
Potter, Sarah Jane (i612) (living status unknown)
Potter, Theresa (i609) (still alive)
Potter, Thomas Edwin (i2175)
Potter, Tina (i608) (still alive)


Powells, Charles (i2020), b.1844-
Powells, Emma (i2178), b.1857-
Powells, John (i2019)
Powells, John (marriage to Emma Burrows) (i2019)


Reeve, Charles (i2040) (living status unknown)
Reeve, David (i2043) (living status unknown)
Reeve, Elizabeth (i2031), b.1838-
Reeve, George (i2042) (living status unknown)
Reeve, Isaak (i2041) (living status unknown)
Reeve, James (i2039) (living status unknown)
Reeve, John (i2038) (living status unknown)
Reeve, Lucy (i2030), b.1816-d.1862
Reeve, Lucy (marriage to Emanuel Manning) (i2030), b.1816-d.1862
Reeve, Robert (i2036) (living status unknown)


Reid, Donald Incon (i1194) (living status unknown)
Reid, Frank Victor (i1193), b.1914-d.1964
Reid, Margaret (marriage to Robert Barbour) (i1256), b.1747-


Richie, Bessie Melinda (marriage to Robert McLaren Penman Walker) (i183), b.1901-d.1964


Rinehart, Alexander Samuel (i650), b.1890-d.1957
Rinehart, Edwin John (i1841), b.1888-d.1888
Rinehart, Grace Emma Elizabeth (i1838), b.1894-
Rinehart, Louisa Jane (i1840), b.1895-d.1895
Rinehart, May Adelaide (i1839), b.1892-
Rinehart, Samuel Patrick (i649) (living status unknown)
Rinehart, Samuel Patrick (marriage to Annie Amelia Emma Eliza Townsend) (i649) (living status unknown)


Roach, Elizabeth (i1066), b.1838-
Roach, Elizabeth (marriage to William Coombe(s)) (i1066), b.1838-
Roach, John (i1652)
Roach, John (i1656)


Roberts, Alec (i986) (living status unknown)
Roberts, Craig (i1594) (still alive)
Roberts, Gareth (i985) (living status unknown)
Roberts, Gareth (i1593) (still alive)
Roberts, Peter (i984) (living status unknown)
Roberts, Peter (i1595)
Roberts, Roger (i508) (living status unknown)
Roberts, Susan (i510) (living status unknown)
Roberts, Victoria Bridgette (i509) (living status unknown)


Robertson, Isabella (marriage to William Morgan) (i357), b.1823-d.1884


Robson, David (i519) (living status unknown)
Robson, Dawn Michelle (i520) (living status unknown)
Robson, Lorraine (i521) (living status unknown)


Roll(Rowle), Charles Sheppard (i1867), b.1854-
Roll(Rowle), Elizabeth (i1863), b.1846-d.1871
Roll(Rowle), George Odam (i1868), b.1856-
Roll(Rowle), Henry (i1870), b.1863-
Roll(Rowle), Herbert (i1871), b.1869-
Roll(Rowle), Herbert (i1875), b.1880-
Roll(Rowle), James Sheppard (i1862)
Roll(Rowle), James Sheppard (marriage to Ann Odam) (i1862)
Roll(Rowle), John Adam (i1864), b.1848-
Roll(Rowle), Lucy Ann (i1869), b.1860-d.1881
Roll(Rowle), Lucy Ann (marriage to Robert Holcombe) (i1869), b.1860-d.1881
Roll(Rowle), Mary Sheppard (i1866), b.1852-
Roll(Rowle), Sarah Odam (i1865), b.1850-


Rose, Alexander (i478) (living status unknown)
Rose, Fraser (i479) (living status unknown)
Rose, Wendy (i864) (living status unknown)


Ross, Charles (i456) (living status unknown)
Ross, James (i455) (living status unknown)
Ross, Peter (i454) (living status unknown)


Rosseter, Anne Sophia (i706), b.1852-d.1898
Rosseter, Anne Sophia (marriage to odamjohn) (i706), b.1852-d.1898
Rosseter, Nicholas (i1804)


Round, Martha (marriage to Thomas Lightbourne) (i1431), b.1797-


Rowland, Mary Jane (marriage to William Thomas Coombes) (i1105), b.1870-


Rudge, Ann (i1618), b.1830-d.1899
Rudge, Ann (marriage to John Lightbourne) (i1618), b.1830-d.1899
Rudge, Samuel (i2149)


Rutty, Ann (i1761), b.1768-
Rutty, Ann (marriage to John Townsend) (i1761), b.1768-
Rutty, John (i1856)


Sanders, Louisa (marriage to John Frederick Hill) (i1708), b.1863-


Scarborough, Claire (i867) (living status unknown)
Scarborough, Rodney (i865) (living status unknown)
Scarborough, Susan (i866) (living status unknown)


Schmidt, Alfred (i757), b.1872-
Schmidt, Alfred (marriage to Alice Margaret Elliott) (i757), b.1872-
Schmidt, Alfred Henry (i852), b.1901-d.1901
Schmidt, Alfred Henry (i1826), b.1901-d.1901
Schmidt, Alfred M (i1056), b.1892-d.1902
Schmidt, Alice (i851), b.1900-
Schmidt, Caroline (i758), b.1875-
Schmidt, Doris Ena (i821), b.1906-
Schmidt, Doris Ena (marriage to Charles T Waine) (i821), b.1906-
Schmidt, Ellen Elizabeth (i1825), b.1889-d.1890
Schmidt, Ethel Beatrice (i782), b.1893-d.1971
Schmidt, Ethel Beatrice (marriage to John Edwin Brooks) (i782), b.1893-d.1971
Schmidt, Frederica Victoria (i800), b.1897-d.1970
Schmidt, Frederick (i641), b.1869-
Schmidt, Frederick (marriage to Mary Ann Mabel Wright) (i641), b.1869-
Schmidt, Frederick Harold (i826), b.1900-d.1959
Schmidt, Frederick Harold (marriage to Caroline Sarah Jane Miller) (i826), b.1900-d.1959
Schmidt, Frederick William (i1064), b.1890-d.1892
Schmidt, George (i751), b.1839-d.1907
Schmidt, George (i755), b.1868-
Schmidt, George (marriage to Ellen Orme) (i755), b.1868-
Schmidt, George (marriage to Sarah Harris) (i751), b.1839-d.1907
Schmidt, George Albert Frederick (i1062), b.1890-d.1893
Schmidt, George Albert Frederick (i1827), b.1901-d.1979
Schmidt, George Benjamin (i1598), b.1863-d.1863
Schmidt, George Roland (i763), b.1894-
Schmidt, Georgina Ellen (i1059), b.1897-
Schmidt, Irene Constance (i802), b.1908-d.1979
Schmidt, Jacob (i1280)
Schmidt, Laurence Charles (i15), b.1902-d.1976
Schmidt, Laurence Charles (marriage to Violet Rose Patterson) (i15), b.1902-d.1976
Schmidt, Martha (i762), b.1878-
Schmidt, Martha (marriage to Joseph Dean) (i762), b.1878-
Schmidt, Mary Ann Caroline (i1063), b.1888-d.1892
Schmidt, Rose Edith (i1058), b.1897-
Schmidt, Sarah (i756), b.1865-
Schmidt, Sarah (marriage to James Esherwood) (i756), b.1865-
Schmidt, Walter Clarence (i1057), b.1895-


Scott, Evelyn (marriage to David Thomson) (i171) (living status unknown)


Sharland, Gregory Paul (i199) (living status unknown)
Sharland, Janine Mary (i198) (living status unknown)
Sharland, Paul (i197) (living status unknown)


Sharp, Daughter 1 (i711) (living status unknown)
Sharp, Daughter 2 (i712) (living status unknown)
Sharp, Daughter 3 (i713) (living status unknown)
Sharp, Daughter 4 (i714) (living status unknown)
Sharp, Son 1 (i709) (living status unknown)
Sharp, Son 2 (i710) (living status unknown)
Sharp, William James (i708), b.1875-
Sharp, William James (marriage to Annie Davis) (i708), b.1875-


Shaw, Alfred Albert (i2134), b.1860-
Shaw, Arthur William (i766) (still alive)
Shaw, Barbara (i767) (still alive)
Shaw, Cheryl (i777) (still alive)
Shaw, Clara Helena (i2140), b.1886-
Shaw, Edwin George (i2138), b.1895-
Shaw, Elizabeth (i321) (living status unknown)
Shaw, Elsie R (i2141), b.1882-
Shaw, Frederick Charles (i2139), b.1888-
Shaw, Hilary (i773) (still alive)
Shaw, Jabez Alfred (i2133), b.1882-
Shaw, Jabez Alfred (marriage to Violet Annie Patterson) (i2133), b.1882-
Shaw, Jessie Louise (i2136), b.1890-
Shaw, Joan Butterworth (i334), b.1920-d.1978
Shaw, John (i134)
Shaw, John (marriage to Margaret Penman) (i134)
Shaw, Margaret (i330), b.1914-d.1963
Shaw, Nellie Matilda (i2137), b.1893-


Shipman, Henry (marriage to Elizabeth Davis) (i1585)


Short, Duncan (i1246), b.1900-
Short, Duncan (marriage to Margaret Finnie) (i1246), b.1900-
Short, Wallace Barbour (i1247) (still alive)


Sidor, Andrea Morgan (i449) (still alive)
Sidor, Danelle Natalie (i448) (still alive)
Sidor, Lowell Malcolm (i445) (still alive)
Sidor, Nicholas Peter (Nick) (i440)
Sidor, Nicholas Peter (Nick) (marriage to Elizabeth Mary Stewart) (i440)
Sidor, Nicole Elizabeth (i447) (still alive)
Sidor, Regina (i441) (still alive)


Sim, Jean (marriage to John Morgan) (i373), b.1774-d.1855


Simmons, Boy (i1701) (living status unknown)
Simmons, Boy (i1702) (living status unknown)
Simmons, Horace Warner (i1678) (living status unknown)
Simmons, Horace Warner (marriage to Gladys May Odam) (i1678) (living status unknown)
Simmons, Kenneth (i1696) (living status unknown)
Simmons, Sylvia (i1698) (still alive)
Simmons, Walter Frederick (i1697), b.1921-d.1944

Skeckles or Skakle

Skeckles or Skakle, Katherine or Catharine (marriage to William Morgan) (i356), b.1829-d.1853


Skinner, Ambrose (i1668), b.1765-d.1777
Skinner, Elizabeth (i1664), b.1751-
Skinner, Frances (i1670), b.1721-
Skinner, John (i890), b.1719-
Skinner, John (i1663), b.1745-
Skinner, John (i1958)
Skinner, Margaret (i1671), b.1723-d.1724
Skinner, Mary (i1665), b.1755-
Skinner, Mary (i1669), b.1717-
Skinner, Mary (i1957), b.1821-
Skinner, Mary (marriage to Thomas Coombes) (i1957), b.1821-
Skinner, Mary Ann (marriage to John Hopkins) (i1401), b.1838-
Skinner, Richard (i1667), b.1760-
Skinner, Richard (i1674), b.1728-
Skinner, Sarah (i889), b.1763-
Skinner, Sarah (marriage to George Stapleton) (i889), b.1763-
Skinner, Thomas (i1458), b.1690-
Skinner, Thomas (i1666), b.1757-
Skinner, Thomas (i1673), b.1725-
Skinner, Thomas (marriage to Frances Cole) (i1458), b.1690-


Slaney, Alice M (i1101), b.1872-
Slaney, Arthur (i1098), b.1879-
Slaney, George (i1099), b.1881-
Slaney, John Thomas (i1100), b.1874-
Slaney, Miriam (i747), b.1876-d.1956
Slaney, Miriam (marriage to Thomas Davis) (i747), b.1876-d.1956
Slaney, Thomas (i1096), b.1845-


Smith, Albert E (i1919), b.1890-
Smith, Andrew (i1912), b.1850-
Smith, Andrew John Henry (i1917), b.1881-
Smith, Annie (i1160), b.1890-
Smith, Arthur (i1159), b.1889-
Smith, Charles William (i1922), b.1906-
Smith, Daughter (i832) (living status unknown)
Smith, Derek (i837) (living status unknown)
Smith, Edward William (i1897), b.1876-
Smith, Eliza (i1907), b.1834-
Smith, Eliza Ann (i1894), b.1866-
Smith, Elizabeth (i1905), b.1830-
Smith, Elizabeth Alice (i1898), b.1878-
Smith, Elizabeth Jane (i1915), b.1883-
Smith, Elsie Annice (i765), b.1920-d.2002
Smith, Emma Louisa (i1893), b.1871-
Smith, Florry Eliza (i1899), b.1883-d.1886
Smith, Frederick G (i781), b.1922-
Smith, Frederick John (i17) (still alive)
Smith, George (i828) (living status unknown)
Smith, George Francis (i1918), b.1887-
Smith, George Frederick (i1896), b.1869-
Smith, Harriet (i1913), b.1838-
Smith, Ian Russell (i33) (still alive)
Smith, Isabel or Isabella (marriage to William Innes) (i349), b.1815-
Smith, James (i1911), b.1848-
Smith, James Arthur (i20) (still alive)
Smith, John Edward (i1895), b.1867-
Smith, John Joseph (i1157), b.1843-
Smith, John Joseph (marriage to Eliza Ann Goodman) (i1157), b.1843-
Smith, Julie (i839) (living status unknown)
Smith, Kevin (i36) (still alive)
Smith, Kevin (i830) (living status unknown)
Smith, Laurence Christopher (i13), b.1928-d.2013
Smith, Louisa (i1910), b.1844-
Smith, Louisa Lillian (i1921), b.1910-
Smith, Mary (i1906), b.1832-
Smith, Mary Patricia (i2) (still alive)
Smith, Paul (i35) (still alive)
Smith, Philip (i836) (living status unknown)
Smith, Reginald (i833) (living status unknown)
Smith, Robert (i840) (living status unknown)
Smith, Rosina Alice (i1152), b.1881-d.1917
Smith, Rosina Alice (marriage to Alexander Richard Haines) (i1152), b.1881-d.1917
Smith, Rosina Alice (marriage to Harry Hubert Patterson) (i1152), b.1881-d.1917
Smith, Sally Low (marriage to George Thomson Fraser) (i482)
Smith, Sarah (i1908), b.1836-
Smith, Son (i843) (living status unknown)
Smith, Tamar (marriage to Bertie Passmore Odam) (i1923)
Smith, Thomas (i844) (living status unknown)
Smith, Thomas (i1909), b.1841-
Smith, Trevor (i842) (living status unknown)
Smith, Valentine Edgar (i1916)
Smith, William (i1901), b.1803-
Smith, William (i1904), b.1826-
Smith, William Henry (i19) (still alive)


Sommers, Joan (marriage to Thomas Odam) (i1954)


Speake, Duncan John (i329) (living status unknown)
Speake, John Harrison (i327) (living status unknown)
Speake, Sarah Louise (i328) (living status unknown)


Spears, Child 1 (i429) (living status unknown)
Spears, Child 2 (i430) (living status unknown)
Spears, Child 3 (i431) (living status unknown)
Spears, Dave (i424) (living status unknown)
Spears, James (i427) (living status unknown)
Spears, Margaret (i425) (living status unknown)


Speight, Diane (i627) (still alive)
Speight, Floyd (i626)


Spurgeon, Francis William (marriage to Dorothy May Townsend) (i679) (living status unknown)


Stammers, Elsie Nora (Snow) (marriage to Norman Odam) (i1225)


Stanger, Alice Ann (i1071), b.1815-d.1893
Stanger, Alice Ann (marriage to William Burrows) (i1071), b.1815-d.1893
Stanger, Annie (i1082), b.1870-
Stanger, Arthur (i1083), b.1872-
Stanger, Arthur (i1350), b.1880-
Stanger, Charlotte Jane (i1080), b.1866-d.1902
Stanger, Elizabeth (i1073), b.1818-
Stanger, Elizabeth (i1346), b.1848-
Stanger, Elizabeth (i1607)
Stanger, Elwinar (i1074), b.1823-
Stanger, Frank (i1351), b.1887-
Stanger, Fredrick (i1347), b.1850-
Stanger, George (i1322), b.1863-
Stanger, George (i1352), b.1889-
Stanger, Harry (i1353), b.1884-
Stanger, John (i886), b.1793-
Stanger, John (marriage to Lucy Newbold) (i886), b.1793-
Stanger, John Stevens (i1075), b.1825-
Stanger, Kate (i1354), b.1881-
Stanger, Lucy (i883), b.1819-d.1902
Stanger, Lucy (marriage to John Stapleton) (i883), b.1819-d.1902
Stanger, Nellie (i1355), b.1886-
Stanger, Robert (i1076), b.1827-
Stanger, Robert (i1081), b.1868-
Stanger, Thomas (i1077), b.1829-
Stanger, William (i1072), b.1816-
Stanger, William (i1079), b.1865-
Stanger, William (i1330), b.1764-
Stanger, William (i1348), b.1852-
Stanger, William (i1606), b.1791-d.1804


Stanmers, Sarah (marriage to John Cornish) (i1615)


Stapleton, Abraham (i971) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Albert (i1636), b.1864-
Stapleton, Alfred (i1128), b.1868-
Stapleton, Alice (i1092), b.1879-
Stapleton, Amanda (i1460), b.1871-
Stapleton, Ann (i962) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Ann (i1129), b.1860-
Stapleton, Anna Amelia (i950), b.1853-
Stapleton, Annie Amelia (i951), b.1858-
Stapleton, Charles Arthur (i1127), b.1857-
Stapleton, Charles Arthur (marriage to Sarah Ann Manton) (i1127), b.1857-
Stapleton, Charles Henry (i1135), b.1893-
Stapleton, Clara (i1324), b.1863-d.1863
Stapleton, David (i972) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Elizabeth (i974) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Ellen (i957), b.1850-
Stapleton, Ellen (i1136), b.1891-
Stapleton, Emma Aston? (i1638), b.1876-
Stapleton, Emma Eliza (i643), b.1843-d.1910
Stapleton, Emma Eliza (marriage to Edwin James Stone Townsend) (i643), b.1843-d.1910
Stapleton, Fanny Mahalah (i945), b.1840-
Stapleton, Frederick W (i1137), b.1897-
Stapleton, George (i884), b.1787-
Stapleton, George (i888), b.1758-
Stapleton, George (i952), b.1819-
Stapleton, George (i1130), b.1862-
Stapleton, George (i1634), b.1854-
Stapleton, George (i1640), b.1875-
Stapleton, George (marriage to Dorothy Berridge) (i884), b.1787-
Stapleton, George (marriage to Sarah Skinner) (i888), b.1758-
Stapleton, George E (i1138), b.1897-
Stapleton, Harriet (i1131), b.1866-
Stapleton, Harry (i1089), b.1877-
Stapleton, Jeremiah (i894), b.1690-
Stapleton, Jeremiah (i969), b.1794-d.1866
Stapleton, Jeremiah (i1729), b.1762-
Stapleton, Jeremy (i1730)
Stapleton, John (i645), b.1816-d.1879
Stapleton, John (i896), b.1660-
Stapleton, John (i968) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, John (i1132), b.1855-
Stapleton, John (marriage to Lucy Stanger) (i645), b.1816-d.1879
Stapleton, John Henry (i1637), b.1871-
Stapleton, John James (i948), b.1851-
Stapleton, Kezia (i977) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Lucy (i1090), b.1880-
Stapleton, Lucy Elizabeth (i944), b.1838-
Stapleton, Lydia A (i1088), b.1875-
Stapleton, Mary (i970) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Mary (i973) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Mary Ann (i941), b.1837-
Stapleton, Mary Ann (i960), b.1860-
Stapleton, Mary Ann (marriage to John Dalby) (i941), b.1837-
Stapleton, Mrs (marriage to Jeremiah Stapleton) (i895), b.1694-
Stapleton, Percy (i1139), b.1900-
Stapleton, Robert (i892), b.1726-
Stapleton, Robert (i956), b.1847-
Stapleton, Robert (i964), b.1826-
Stapleton, Robert (i967) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Robert (i975) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Robert (i979) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, Robert (i1133), b.1851-
Stapleton, Robert (marriage to Sarah Gamble) (i892), b.1726-
Stapleton, Robert H (i1140), b.1887-
Stapleton, Sarah (i966)
Stapleton, Sarah (i1381), b.1854-
Stapleton, Thomas (i954), b.1845-
Stapleton, Thomas (i961) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, William (i946), b.1846-d.1915
Stapleton, William (i963), b.1826-
Stapleton, William (i980) (living status unknown)
Stapleton, William (i1091), b.1882-
Stapleton, William (i1641), b.1880-
Stapleton, William Ireson (i1635), b.1856-


Stevens, Alice (marriage to William Stanger) (i1331), b.1768-d.1795
Stevens, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Davis) (i734), b.1822-


Stewart, ? (i619)
Stewart, ? (marriage to ? Philp) (i1547) (living status unknown)
Stewart, Agnes Smith (marriage to Eric Edwards) (i157) (living status unknown)
Stewart, Alan (i631) (living status unknown)
Stewart, Anne (i625) (living status unknown)
Stewart, Anne (marriage to Floyd Speight) (i625) (living status unknown)
Stewart, Catherine (Kay) (i624) (living status unknown)
Stewart, Dan (i621)
Stewart, Elizabeth Mary (i439), d.2016
Stewart, Elizabeth Mary (marriage to Nicholas Peter (Nick) Sidor) (i439), d.2016
Stewart, Helen (i623) (living status unknown)
Stewart, Thomas Farquarson (i438)
Stewart, Thomas Farquarson (marriage to Isabella Caroline (Tibbie) Watt) (i438)


Stockham, ? (marriage to Jane Wiltshire) (i2177)


Stone, Caroline Pickard (i1373), b.1827-d.1900
Stone, Esther Mary (i702), b.1819-d.1886
Stone, Esther Mary (marriage to James Davis Townsend) (i702), b.1819-d.1886
Stone, Harriet Matilda (i1376) (living status unknown)
Stone, John (i846)
Stone, Louisa Jane (i1372), b.1825-


Strang, Jean (marriage to Alexander Penman) (i89), b.1727-


Stubberfield, Kay (i815), b.1946-d.2014
Stubberfield, Michael (i813) (still alive)
Stubberfield, Pat (i804), d.2016
Stubberfield, Pat (marriage to Ron Bates) (i804), d.2016
Stubberfield, William A (i803) (living status unknown)
Stubberfield, William A (marriage to Irene Constance Schmidt) (i803) (living status unknown)


Susan (marriage to Robert Cornish) (i2164), b.1795-
Susannah (marriage to Joseph Barnaby) (i2130)


Syme, Danielle Mary (i207) (living status unknown)
Syme, David Keith (i204) (living status unknown)
Syme, Elliott David (i208) (living status unknown)
Syme, Kathryn Rose (i206) (living status unknown)
Syme, Keith Davidson (i203) (living status unknown)
Syme, Kerrie Lynn (i213) (living status unknown)
Syme, Raewyn Marii (i210) (living status unknown)
Syme, Russell Alan (i209) (living status unknown)


Tanner, Harriet (marriage to Frederick John Stone Townsend) (i1027), b.1847-


Taylor, Susannah (marriage to John Cornish) (i1806)


Tebbut, Mary (marriage to William Davis) (i1564), b.1799-


Thompson, Arian (i1022) (living status unknown)
Thompson, Brian Keith (i294) (living status unknown)
Thompson, James (i1021) (living status unknown)
Thompson, Joshua Brian (i295) (living status unknown)
Thompson, Kelly (i1024) (living status unknown)
Thompson, Sophie (i1023) (living status unknown)


Thomson, Christopher James Penman (i173) (living status unknown)
Thomson, David (i122), b.1879-d.1943
Thomson, David (i170), b.1919-d.1981
Thomson, David (i172) (living status unknown)
Thomson, David (marriage to Mary Penman) (i122), b.1879-d.1943
Thomson, Elizabeth McLaren (i166), b.1910-d.1987
Thomson, Hamish Penman (James) (i168) (living status unknown)
Thomson, Maggie Jane (i1762), b.1881-
Thomson, Mary Stewart (i1180), b.1878-d.1954
Thomson, Mary Stewart (marriage to Henry Odam) (i1180), b.1878-d.1954
Thomson, Matthew James (i175) (living status unknown)
Thomson, Oliver Daniel (i176) (living status unknown)
Thomson, William W (i1182) (living status unknown)
Thomson, William W (i1763), b.1880-


Thorp, Jane (i661), b.1841-
Thorp, Jane (marriage to James Edward Stone Townsend) (i661), b.1841-
Thorp, William (i662)


Tillet?, Esther (marriage to William Burrows) (i1925), b.1801-


Toiley, Maria (marriage to John Aston) (i1043), b.1808-


Tonkin, Ann (marriage to James Blamey) (i1172), b.1786-


Tosh, Christina Elizabeth (i284) (living status unknown)
Tosh, Ricky James Gordon (i283) (living status unknown)
Tosh, Robert James (i282) (living status unknown)


Townsend, Agnes Mary (i659), b.1880-d.1882
Townsend, Albert E (i1504), b.1868-
Townsend, Alexander (i1520), b.1879-
Townsend, Alice K (i1538), b.1900-
Townsend, Amy (i1093), b.1878-
Townsend, Ann (i1887)
Townsend, Annie Amelia Emma Eliza (i648), b.1864-d.1934
Townsend, Annie E (i1511), b.1866-
Townsend, Annie Esther (i2112), b.1884-
Townsend, Annie Esther (marriage to Ernest George Berry) (i2112), b.1884-
Townsend, Arthur (i1530), b.1890-
Townsend, Bershebah (i1816), b.1782-
Townsend, Betty (i1814), b.1776-
Townsend, Caroline (i1501), b.1858-
Townsend, Caroline Jane Stone (i1344), b.1849-
Townsend, Catherine (i1817), b.1789-
Townsend, Catherine Jane (i2104), b.1902-
Townsend, Charlotte (i1531), b.1888-
Townsend, Christopher (i1532), b.1881-
Townsend, Christopher James Patrick (i695) (living status unknown)
Townsend, David (i686) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Dorothy May (i678), b.1917-d.1997
Townsend, Edward Hampton Stone (i704), b.1851-d.1889
Townsend, Edward William (i2106), b.1908-
Townsend, Edwin James (i646), b.1866-
Townsend, Edwin James Stone (i642), b.1840-d.1896
Townsend, Edwin James Stone (marriage to Emma Eliza Stapleton) (i642), b.1840-d.1896
Townsend, Eliza (i1492), b.1816-
Townsend, Elizabeth (i687), b.1945-d.1946
Townsend, Elizabeth (i1512), b.1868-
Townsend, Elizabeth (i1886)
Townsend, Elizabeth A (i1505), b.1866-
Townsend, Ellen (i1555), b.1873-
Townsend, Ellen (Nell) Emma (i676) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Ellen or Eda M (i1527), b.1884-
Townsend, Elmer Henry (i1326), b.1898-
Townsend, Emma Eliza (i651), b.1867-
Townsend, Ernest F (i1521), b.1872-
Townsend, Florence (i1768), b.1911-
Townsend, Florence E (i1554), b.1870-
Townsend, Florrie (i1542), b.1894-
Townsend, Frances (i658), b.1903-
Townsend, Frank (i1513), b.1870-
Townsend, Frank W (i1551), b.1888-
Townsend, Frederick (i1029), b.1873-
Townsend, Frederick (i1556), b.1879-
Townsend, Frederick John Stone (i703), b.1845-
Townsend, Frederick W (i1502), b.1860-
Townsend, Fredrick Henry (i653), b.1872-d.1924
Townsend, Fredrick Henry (marriage to Hannah Jane Johnson) (i653), b.1872-d.1924
Townsend, George (i1473), b.1822-
Townsend, George (i1543), b.1900-
Townsend, George (i1557), b.1877-
Townsend, George (i1789)
Townsend, George (i1813), b.1774-
Townsend, George Stone (i943), b.1842-d.1842
Townsend, Hannah Ruth (Queenie) (i673) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Hannah Ruth (Queenie) (marriage to Thomas Charles Hopkins) (i673) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Harold Arthur (i2105), b.1904-
Townsend, Harriet (i1030), b.1877-
Townsend, Harry (i1509), b.1859-
Townsend, Harry E (i1529), b.1879-
Townsend, Henry (i847), b.1794-d.1874
Townsend, Henry (i1495), b.1838-
Townsend, Henry (marriage to Jane Wiltshire) (i847), b.1794-d.1874
Townsend, Henry James (i670), b.1907-d.1970
Townsend, Henry James Stone (i1836), b.1873-d.1874
Townsend, Henry M (i664), b.1873-
Townsend, Henry Stone (i668), b.1847-d.1916
Townsend, James (i1790), d.1874
Townsend, James Davis (i644), b.1814-d.1888
Townsend, James Davis (marriage to Esther Mary Stone) (i644), b.1814-d.1888
Townsend, James Edward Stone (i660), b.1844-d.1906
Townsend, James Edward Stone (marriage to Jane Thorp) (i660), b.1844-d.1906
Townsend, James Ernest (i681), b.1921-d.1987
Townsend, James Frederick (i1835), b.1870-d.1871
Townsend, James John (i1327), b.1897-
Townsend, James William (i656), b.1878-
Townsend, James William (i663), b.1870-
Townsend, James William (marriage to Frances Marion Catlin) (i663), b.1870-
Townsend, Jane (i1510), b.1861-
Townsend, Jane (i2174)
Townsend, Job (i1497), b.1842-
Townsend, John (i1095), b.1886-
Townsend, John (i1499), b.1849-
Townsend, John (i1760), b.1766-d.1838
Townsend, John (marriage to Ann Rutty) (i1760), b.1766-d.1838
Townsend, John Anthony (i684) (living status unknown)
Townsend, John Charles (i675) (living status unknown)
Townsend, John S (i1343), b.1855-
Townsend, John Stapleton (i652), b.1875-d.1900
Townsend, Kate P (i1522), b.1874-
Townsend, Lillian F (i1552), b.1893-
Townsend, Louisa (i1028), b.1871-
Townsend, Louisa Caroline (i65), b.1872-d.1935
Townsend, Louisa Caroline (marriage to Thomas Davis) (i65), b.1872-d.1935
Townsend, Louisa Jane (i749), b.1865-
Townsend, Louisa M (i1523), b.1875-
Townsend, Mabel Amy (i1328), b.1900-
Townsend, Margaret Ann (i1204) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Mark (i1474), b.1830-
Townsend, Marmaduke Albert (i1524), b.1880-
Townsend, Mary (i1558), b.1875-
Townsend, Mary (i1888)
Townsend, Mary J (i1503), b.1857-
Townsend, Matilda Amy (i666), b.1877-
Townsend, Matilda Amy (marriage to Ernest George Berry) (i666), b.1877-
Townsend, Monica (i688) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Nelly (Ellen) (i667), b.1880-
Townsend, Richard (i1884)
Townsend, Richard (i1890)
Townsend, Richard Charles (i696) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Robert (i647), b.1906-
Townsend, Rose Lillian (i680), b.1920-d.1982
Townsend, Rosina (i1534), b.1885-
Townsend, Sarah (i1815), b.1778-
Townsend, Sarah (i1889)
Townsend, Stanley (i1526), b.1882-
Townsend, Stanley H (i1544), b.1897-
Townsend, Stephanie Helen Jane (i694) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Susan Mary (i693) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Sydney A (i1506), b.1870-
Townsend, Thomas (i665), b.1876-
Townsend, Thomas (i1493), b.1819-
Townsend, Thomas (i1496), b.1840-
Townsend, Thomas (i1514), b.1863-
Townsend, Thomas (i1809)
Townsend, Thomas (i1811), b.1772-
Townsend, Thomas (i1812), b.1795-
Townsend, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Brewer) (i1809)
Townsend, Thomas F (i1536), b.1885-
Townsend, Walter Charles (i1837), b.1881-d.1883
Townsend, Walter Fredrick (i672) (living status unknown)
Townsend, Walter J (i1525), b.1877-
Townsend, Walter J H (i1540), b.1900-
Townsend, Wesley J (i1507), b.1864-
Townsend, William (i1498), b.1846-


Trelease, Geraldine (marriage to Frank Victor Reid) (i1191) (living status unknown)


Twigg, Anice Phillips (marriage to George Roland Schmidt) (i764), b.1894-d.1956


Vallance, William Edwin (marriage to Elizabeth McLaren Nimmo Walker) (i185), b.1898-d.1972


Vincent, Anna Jane (i243) (living status unknown)
Vincent, Robert (i241) (living status unknown)
Vincent, Robert Keith (i278) (living status unknown)
Vincent, Timothy Howard (i242) (living status unknown)
Vincent, Tony Robert (i279) (living status unknown)


Voice, Audrey Jean (i229), b.1934-d.1987
Voice, Gwenyth Joan (i238) (living status unknown)
Voice, Stanley Eric (i187), b.1908-d.1980
Voice, Stanley Eric (marriage to Jane Penman (Jean) Walker) (i187), b.1908-d.1980


Vyse, Helen (marriage to Leonard George Odam) (i1807) (living status unknown)


Waine, Brian (i823) (living status unknown)
Waine, Charles T (i822), d.1934
Waine, Charles T (marriage to Doris Ena Schmidt) (i822), d.1934
Waine, Daniel Paul (i825) (living status unknown)


Waite, Joseph Henry (marriage to Beatrice Odam) (i1808)


Walker, David Nimmo (i188), b.1911-d.1947
Walker, Elaine Elizabeth (i218) (living status unknown)
Walker, Elizabeth McLaren Nimmo (i184), b.1903-d.1983
Walker, James (i181), b.1898-d.1900
Walker, Jane Penman (Jean) (i186), b.1905-d.1991
Walker, Jane Penman (Jean) (marriage to Stanley Eric Voice) (i186), b.1905-d.1991
Walker, Robert McLaren Penman (i182), b.1900-d.1949
Walker, Robina Couper (i189) (living status unknown)
Walker, Robina Couper (marriage to Richard Charles Kyle) (i189) (living status unknown)
Walker, William (i128), b.1870-d.1940
Walker, William (marriage to Anne Christie Penman) (i128), b.1870-d.1940


Wallace, Margaret Blair (i1284) (living status unknown)
Wallace, Robert (i1285) (living status unknown)


Warner, May (marriage to Jack Townsend Davis) (i737) (living status unknown)


Washington, Nellie Louise (marriage to Edward Ferguson Hotchkiss) (i1270), b.1889-d.1977


Watson, Leslie Allan (marriage to Margaret Grieve Penman) (i252), d.1954


Watt, Alec (i415) (living status unknown)
Watt, Alexander (i435), b.1882-
Watt, Allan (i409) (still alive)
Watt, Doreen (i412) (still alive)
Watt, Elizabeth (i345), b.1888-d.1969
Watt, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Innes Fraser) (i345), b.1888-d.1969
Watt, George (i392), b.1874-
Watt, George (i1461)
Watt, Gordon (i407)
Watt, Gordon (i420), b.1881-
Watt, Isabella Caroline (Tibbie) (i437), b.1885-
Watt, Isabella Caroline (Tibbie) (marriage to Thomas Farquarson Stewart) (i437), b.1885-
Watt, James (i353), d.1889
Watt, James (i395), b.1877-
Watt, James (marriage to Mary Ann Morgan) (i353), d.1889
Watt, Jane (i410) (still alive)
Watt, Jane Hunter (i393), b.1875-
Watt, Janet (i416) (still alive)
Watt, Jean (i417) (still alive)
Watt, John (i450), b.1887-
Watt, Margaret (i423) (living status unknown)
Watt, Mary (i397) (still alive)
Watt, Mary Ann (i436), b.1883-
Watt, Thomas (i422) (living status unknown)
Watt, William (i418), b.1878-


Webb, Alice Jane (i588), b.1895-
Webb, Alice Jane (marriage to William Thomas Coombes) (i588), b.1895-
Webb, Harriet C (i1747), b.1826-
Webb, Harriet C (marriage to John Atkinson) (i1747), b.1826-
Webb, James (i2190)
Webb, William (i1753), b.1785-


Welsh, Norman (i442) (still alive)
Welsh, Norman Nicholas John (i443) (still alive)
Welsh, Stewart Bruce Brian (i444) (still alive)


Western, Sarah (marriage to George Odam) (i1391), b.1802-d.1868


Wetterberg, Alexandra (i63) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Christian (i58) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Elin (i60) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Emil Michael Erik (i1792) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Filippa (i62) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Frida (i56) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Hans Peter (Justin Case) (i47) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Hugo (i55) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Jesper (i41), d.2002
Wetterberg, John Michael (i42) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Karin Marie-Louise (i51) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Kerstin Åsa Marie (i49) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Kristina Marie (i44) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Malin Elisabeth Marie (i46) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Martin Peter (i45) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Niklas Peter Arne (i50) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Nils Peter Arne (i48) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Oskar (i61) (still alive)
Wetterberg, Peter (i52) (still alive)


Whiston?, Kathleen (marriage to James Esherwood) (i2156)


White, Sarah Ann (marriage to Thomas Manton) (i1713) (living status unknown)


Wiggin, Lilian Edith (marriage to Leslie Odam) (i1213), b.1902-d.1956


Wilbourne, Ann (i902) (living status unknown)
Wilbourne, Ann (marriage to William Newbold) (i902) (living status unknown)


Wilburn, John (i907) (living status unknown)
Wilburn, Robert (i911), b.1684-
Wilburn, William (i909) (living status unknown)


Williams, Elizabeth Shaw (i326) (living status unknown)
Williams, Frank Edgar (i322) (living status unknown)


Willis, Charlotte (i1403), b.1829-
Willis, Esther (i1371), b.1830-
Willis, Jane (i1163), b.1830-d.1914
Willis, Jane (marriage to John Patterson) (i1163), b.1830-d.1914
Willis, Maria (i1983), b.1820-d.1883
Willis, Susan (i1402), b.1821-
Willis, Thomas (i1369), b.1791-


Wills, Helen (i1756), b.1911-
Wills, James (i1049)
Wills, James (i1757), b.1914-d.1965
Wills, James (marriage to Marjory Odam) (i1049)
Wills, Margaret (i1755)
Wills, Ronald (i1758), b.1926-d.1982


Wilson, Andrea Gwenyth (i250) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Anne (marriage to John Penman) (i1847), b.1812-
Wilson, Bernard William (i239) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Cindy (i798) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Derek Grant (i316) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Fiona Michele (i319) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Graham Roger (i317) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Jenny (marriage to Thomas Young Penman) (i130), d.1903
Wilson, Mervyn Angus (i289) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Nicola Jane (i240) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Raewyn Helen (i320) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Richard (i797)
Wilson, Richard Bernard (i248) (living status unknown)
Wilson, Robyn Louise (i244) (living status unknown)


Wiltshire, Jane (i1472), b.1806-d.1870
Wiltshire, Jane (marriage to Henry Townsend) (i1472), b.1806-d.1870
Wiltshire, William (i2176)


Wishart, Margaret (marriage to Andrew Gaillie) (i81), d.2001


Wood, Eliza (marriage to Thomas Stapleton) (i955) (living status unknown)
Wood, Reginald A (marriage to Leonora Odam) (i2102), b.1944-


Woolery, Alice Louise (marriage to James Arthur Hotchkiss) (i1272), b.1920-d.1996


Woollard, Mary Anne (marriage to Samuel Frederick Davis) (i720) (living status unknown)


Wright, Agnes Frances (i2184), b.1858-
Wright, Alice Maude (i1054), b.1876-
Wright, Augustus Christmas (i1050), b.1866-
Wright, Caroline (i1053), b.1874-
Wright, Caroline (i1795), b.1837-
Wright, Charles (i1731), b.1810-d.1870
Wright, Charles (marriage to Frances Wright) (i1731), b.1810-d.1870
Wright, Charles Douglas (i753), b.1835-d.1879
Wright, Charles Douglas (i2189), b.1862-d.1862
Wright, Charles Douglas (marriage to Mary Ann Mullanny) (i753), b.1835-d.1879
Wright, Edward (i2181)
Wright, Edwin (i1051), b.1868-
Wright, Fanny (i1797), b.1842-
Wright, Fanny (i2155), b.1871-
Wright, Fanny (marriage to Francis Barnaby) (i1797), b.1842-
Wright, Frances (i1732), b.1810-d.1875
Wright, Frances (marriage to Charles Wright) (i1732), b.1810-d.1875
Wright, Hannah (i1052), b.1873-
Wright, James (i2185), b.1857-d.1857
Wright, John (i2180)
Wright, Louisa (i1055), b.1879-
Wright, Mary A (i1796), b.1839-
Wright, Mary Ann Mabel (i750), b.1868-d.1928
Wright, Mary Ann Mabel (marriage to Frederick Schmidt) (i750), b.1868-d.1928
Wright, William Charles (i2188)


Wylie, Margaret (marriage to John King) (i1252), b.1745-


Yool, Elizabeth (i352), b.1829-d.1906
Yool, Elizabeth (marriage to James Fraser) (i352), b.1829-d.1906
Yool, James (i1854)


York, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Davis) (i1568)


Young, Thomas (i1846), b.1824-
Young, William (i1845)
Young, William (marriage to Anne Christie) (i1845)

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